Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation


I decided to try out this foundation because I thought it would work well on my oily/combination skin. I had never tried a foundation with a purely matte finish before, so I bought this along with the Dream Matte powder, which I like a lot. The foundation is in Classic Ivory Light 2.

Foundation packaging from the top Foundation packaging from the side Foundation texture Foundation amount

Packaging: The twist-off cap makes this packaging feel very sturdy, and it’s very compact compared to other whipped foundations (Revlon Colorstay whipped, for example). I don’t love the curved shape of the cap, because I can’t stack anything on top of it. It’s also a bit heavy since it’s glass, but it’s not a huge difference from a liquid foundation in a glass container. It holds .64 oz (18g) of product.

Texture: The whipped texture of this foundation makes it difficult to get out of the pot with a brush, as it tends to clump up, so I usually use my finger to get some on my face and use a brush to blend it in. I also keep it thin so it doesn’t look cakey, meaning I don’t get full coverage with this foundation. If you don’t mind looking like you’re wearing makeup, you can get medium to full coverage.

Color: The color match seems good on this foundation. It doesn’t have any pink or orange tones in it. It blends well into the skin and doesn’t leave a noticeable line, so if you want to use this to spot-treat areas of the face, it should blend in smoothly.

Finish: The finish really is a pure matte, and it makes my skin look so smooth. It can look cakey if you use too much, but when it’s the right amount, it looks great. However, I don’t love how it looks later on, as the pure matte finish can wear down throughout the day.

Durability: This isn’t the most long-wearing foundation by any means, but I get a few hours with it. On its own, it won’t last through a whole day without retouching, especially through rain, sweat, rubbing, etc. I wonder how it would look over a long-wearing formula, though, because it seems like layering it with other products might help its longevity. I may use this on top of a liquid foundation over my oily spots and see how that works out.

Compared to the L’Oreal whipped foundation I have, this one has a much better finish and color, but the durability is still not as good as liquid foundations for my skin.

Have you tried whipped foundations before? What do you think?

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