2017: Pare Down

Happy new year, everyone!

I’ve been really missing blogging and making videos. I got lost in some work deadlines and hopped straight onto a plane for the holidays. I’ll be back at home tomorrow night, and I’m aiming to pick up right where I left off.

But before I get back into beauty, I wanted to take a moment and talk about the new year. I’m planning on making a video on my non-beauty channel about this, but while 2016 was a total sh*tshow, I really invested in my personal growth, and it paid off.

I got a dog,

I traveled (including a 30-hour trip from San Francisco to New York City and back to see the original cast of Hamilton),

I went vegan,

I fell down and got back up again with my fitness routine a number of times, and I spent time with family and friends. I’m practicing saying “yes” more and venturing out of my apartment, which is something I’ve always struggled with.

Of course, this year really sucked objectively: floods and storms, Zika virus outbreaks, police brutality against POC, shootings, Brexit, the refugee crisis, Standing Rock, celebrity deaths, and finally, one of the most dreaded US elections of all time, culminating in the election of someone who makes a lot of US citizens fear for their safety and the safety of their families and friends. All of this has left a lot of us uneasy about the state of the world and our country, and I think most of us don’t know what to do about it. But you can be disappointed about how much this year sucked while simultaneously feeling grateful for the things in your life that don’t suck. In fact, there are studies that show the more you practice gratefulness in your life, the happier you’ll be overall, even when things suck.

At the end of this strange year, I felt like it was time to do some soul-searching. For me, planning is how I feel in control. It adds normalcy back into my life. I thought long and hard over a theme to help me stay aligned with my goals, and eventually landed on: pare down.

I want to get rid of the clutter, in my physical environment and in my mind. This means reducing mindless scrolling through social media and regularly watching 3+ hours of TV at a time, and instead spending my time on things that are important to me like writing, making videos, working out, and being with loved ones. It also means getting ruthless about donating the things I’m not using, leaving space for the things I actually use.

These positive swaps leave more time and space for the things I already love as well as things I’ve always wanted but felt like I couldn’t realize. I started painting for fun (I’m pretty bad at it) but eventually “lost the time.” I’ve wanted to make a bunch of non-beauty videos for my other channel. I’ve wanted to learn some basic piano and get back into singing. I’ve wanted to get a sewing machine and learn to make basic alterations to my clothes. I’ve wanted to do some meal prepping and workout planning. And I want a dang toaster oven. This is all a matter of making space and saving money. It’s totally attainable!

So here’s to paring down my in life and making room for what truly counts. What are your new year’s resolutions? Let me know in the comments!

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[COMING SOON!] Pare Down 2017 Recap and 2018 Goals

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