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I was (kind of?) recently nominated for some awards by Tori from Notorious Beauty Blog and Marie from Etsycare. Both of these girls are so sweet and have supported my blog from the very beginning. I’ve only had my blog up and running for a couple months, but it feels really good to know that there are people who actually enjoy my posts and want to talk about products with me! I can’t believe I’ve started making friends so quickly, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what else is in store for me in the blogosphere…

Anyway, the “rules” for these awards is to display them on your blog, link to the person/people who nominated you, state seven things about yourself, and nominate seven other bloggers and link to their pages. I’ll do the nominations all at once at the end!

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  • I’m a fiction writer at heart, particularly in the YA category. I’ll be writing a YA novel for my honors thesis next year, and I’m so excited!
  • I’m left handed. Now I’ll bet you’ll start to notice it in my photos…
  • I am going into my last year at Carnegie Mellon. So many feelings!
  • My birthday is on Valentine’s Day.
  • I have a boyfriend I’ve been with for about two years, and he’s absolutely wonderful. He reads my beauty blog and actually finds it interesting, which I think is pretty cute 😉
  • I went to a very small and quirky high school, so quirkiness played a really important part in my college decision. I chose right – CMU is so nerdy and I have never made a better decision in my entire life.
  • I used to do musical theatre in high school, and I wanted to pursue it until I started writing fiction. But I’ll still belt out musicals once in a while (just not very well…).

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  • My beauty product addiction started with nail polish 2-3 years ago. To this day, painting my nails really calms me.
  • My spirit animal is a cat. People who know me joke that I was born into the wrong species, and sadly it’s very true.
  • I grew up in the Bay Area, and even though there are too many people there I’m still stunned at how beautiful it is.
  • I love shopping, but I hate spending money. I tend to just hold a bunch of stuff as I walk around the store and just put it all back.
  • I love living in Pittsburgh, even if the weather sucks. Go Pens!
  • Scary movies make me really anxious, so I can’t watch them.
  • I’m the LEAST competitive about almost everything. It seems silly to spend my time and energy worrying about what everyone else is doing, and I think competition makes us see each other with much less humanity, which bothers me.

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  • I didn’t start wearing makeup regularly until about a year ago, and I didn’t do my whole face (foundation, shadow, liner, lips, etc.) regularly until about 8 months ago.
  • My sister and I are 9 months apart, so for 3 months of the year we’re the same age.
  • I’m a complete sucker for baked goods just out of the oven. Normally I don’t eat much, but I WILL eat seven cookies while they’re hot.
  • I’m really indecisive. I don’t choose a “favorite” anything because I feel like my preferences should always be allowed to change. But of course you know I love monthly favorites, which is easy for me to decide on because it’s tied to a period of time.
  • The one thing I’ve never been able to do well is draw. It’s always frustrated me because I like being creative but can’t show it visually.
  • I have a huge love/hate relationship with television. Deciding whether to watch something can become a really stressful decision because I probably have more productive things to do with my time.
  • I love scarves. Now that I’ve realized that my neck is always super hot, I can’t go outside without a scarf in the winter (it does more than a hat for me, strangely enough).

Wow, that was difficult. Now time for nominations! There are so many blogs I love, but I want to support newer blogs that I’ve found in the past few weeks. So, I’m nominating the following blogs/bloggers (in no particular order):

  • Flat Broke Coed:  This blog has lots of useful tips to those of us living on a budget, so definitely take a look if you want to save money!
  • The Prettiest Wallflower:  This blog focuses on natural beauty techniques and showcases some beautiful, simple looks.
  • Adorns:  The blog’s only been going for a month, but it’s already full of thoughtful reviews.
  • It’s All in the Details: Her reviews have beautiful photos, and she posts about beauty, food, books, organization, and more.
  • Tooth and Nails: This blog is authored by a friend of mine from school, and she always has the greatest and most original nail designs. Definitely check out her blog if you love nail art!
  • Life, Laughs, and Lipstick:  This blog features beauty trends and talks about great products
  • Jay and Bee Take Minneapolis: These two girls just started blogging, and they are super adorable and have some great stuff just from the past few days. Welcome them with a little love!

You’re all nominated for all 3 awards! I can’t wait to read about you girls and see what blogs you recommend. Thanks again to Tori and Marie for the nominations 😀

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