Bite Beauty Mini Lipstick Duo Review

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been hearing so much about Bite Beauty lately! I was at Sephora recently and I looked through their lipsticks, but I wasn’t sure which shade I wanted, and at $24 a tube I wanted to be sure about it.

I’d seen their mini duos before on YouTube, but I didn’t see them in the Bite Beauty section. Instead, they were in the “impulse buys” stand by the checkout (you all know what I’m talking about ;)). There are two different color combinations: a bright one with a hot pink and purple, and a neutral with two nudes. As much as I wanted the brights, I decided to go for the nudes because I don’t have very many and I thought it would come in handy for my internship this summer.

This mini duo costs $12, and you get two .05oz/1.55g lipsticks.




The duo with both lipsticks fully twisted up

I LOVE the packaging for this duo. The tube has a rubberized feel, sort of like NARS packaging, but it doesn’t seem to attract dirt/other makeup as much as NARS packaging does. It’s also a dark grey color instead of black, which I think is really classy. It’s very small as well, which is perfect for traveling or throwing into a purse for the day. It’s slightly thinner and longer than a chapstick.

The lipsticks look almost exactly the same in the tube, with one slightly more pink than the other. On the lips, though, they are very different shades.



Musk is a brownish pink nude that’s really flattering. It doesn’t wash out your lips, but rather smooths out and enhances their natural color. I’ve never loved nude lipsticks, but lately I’ve been dipping my toe in the pond, and I think this lipstick is what’s won me over.

It feels very creamy and moisturizing, but once it sets it doesn’t seem to transfer too much, which I really love. The color lasted surprisingly long, even through eating and drinking, which seemed unique for a nude shade (versus a bright color that also stains the lips). It didn’t seem to dry my lips out at all, either. Can you tell I’m in love with this lipstick? The second this runs out, I’m going to be purchasing the full size!



Lychee has a much different color and texture. It’s a true cool pink and goes on sheer, and it seems to have a bit more shine as well. The color is beautiful swatched on my hand, but on my lips, I wasn’t a big fan. Since it’s lighter than my natural lip color, it looked patchy and didn’t evenly cover the outline of my lips, which looked a bit strange. I’m going to have to wear this with a lip primer or over another color.

However, aside from the shade not being a good match for me, the feel of this lipstick is also very moisturizing and comfortable. I think this would be a be a good shade for someone with less pigmented lips and who enjoys cool tones.


Musk (left) and Lychee

Overall, this is an amazing Sephora purchase for $12! I highly recommend picking up one of these duos if you’re interested in trying Bite Beauty lipsticks but want to be sure the formula works for you. They do have testers for both duos at Sephora, so check the “impulse buy” stand by the checkout and you’ll be able to swatch them on your hand before you buy.

Have you tried Bite Beauty? What’s your favorite product? And what’s your favorite shade from the lipstick line? I want to try them all!

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