Broke for Beauty is Moving!

UPDATE 6/29: It looks like everything is in order now. I’ve added the widgets and followers from my old site and hid my old site. Please let me know if you encounter any issues!

UPDATE 6/24: The redirect is propagating. You may be pointed to either my new or old site over the next couple days (if you’re seeing this update, you’re on my new site!).

My new site is plainer with no color in the header and no featured images on posts, as the featured images didn’t import. As soon as everything is working properly, I’m going to spend some time in the code to play around with the design.

The following is still in progress:

  • Ensuring posts have no broken images – all posts should have images after moving most of the images to be hosted externally. For the posts with WordPress-hosted images, I’m going through to make sure the file transfers worked correctly and there are no broken images.
  • Adding my widgets and followers from my old site. I can’t do this until the redirect has propagated.
  • Hiding my old site. This also can’t be completed until the redirect has propagated.
  • Placing ads. Now that I’m self-hosting, I have total control of the ad placement on the site, and the revenue actually goes to me. Yay!

I’ll be placing a button on my site to let you anonymously (or not anonymously) send me a message. In addition to letting you directly ask me questions or request posts and videos, I would love to get some feedback on how the new site is going so far. I’m so excited to have more control over my site, but I also have a lot to learn.

This has been a stressful experience so far, as my blog has been around since 2012 (!!). That’s a lot of content to move! I also didn’t realize that moving my domain hosting would require a 5-day waiting period before I could do basically anything else.

Many thanks to my boyfriend for providing his advice and technical knowledge through this process. And thanks to YOU for your continued patience.

Happy Saturday! I wanted to jump in really quickly and let you know that I’m moving Broke for Beauty from WordPress hosting to self-hosting. This is a huge step for this blog because I can have more control over customization and ads, and I can keep making your experience as a reader better.

If you’re already subscribed to this blog, have no fear–you’re coming with me. As soon as the new hosting is set up, I’ll make sure all my WordPress and email followers are on board.

If you’re currently subscribed through email, you’ll get the same email notifications you always have. If you follow through WordPress, you’ll only see new posts in the Reader. If you want email updates, you’ll need to subscribe to them on my new site. I’ll post an update here when it looks like everything’s moved over.

Hang in there if you see 404 pages during the next day or so. Everything will be back to normal very soon!

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.46.54 AM

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