2017: Pare Down

Happy new year, everyone! I've been really missing blogging and making videos. I got lost in some work deadlines and hopped straight onto a plane for the holidays. I'll be back at home tomorrow night, and I'm aiming to pick up right where I left off. But before I get back into beauty, I … Continue reading

Opening Up + Updates

I know I disappear from time to time. I can't pretend I'm ignorant to the fact that my disappearances follow a pattern as well. I'm finally coming (fully) clean about what's really going on in those times. This video's a bit longer than usual, so here's a timeline: 0:20 An appearance by my dog … Continue reading

B4B Needs YOUR Feedback!

Hey guys, I wanted to reach out to you all because I need your help. I also wanted to have a bit of a heart-to-heart with you because there have been a lot of changes to my blog recently, and I haven't checked in for a while. You can probably tell that I was having trouble with time management as … Continue reading