Clarisonic: Three Things That No One Talks About

Hi, everyone!

I wanted to make a video about the Clarisonic, because as much as I love mine, there are three things I’ve found out about the hard way. Things that I really wish someone had told me when I first bought it.

Here’s the recap in case you don’t want to take notes 😉

Battery life – the battery life gets worse over time. After a year and a half, I get about half the charge that I did when it was brand new.

Tap water – my skin reacted poorly to the Clarisonic for a while, and I realized it was because the tap water at one place I was using it had harsher water than what my skin was used to. Make sure you have clean, drinkable tap water (this sounds so obvious, but it took me months to figure out what was irritating my skin!).

Pink mold – see the photos below. Don’t leave your Clarisonic in the shower, and take the brush head off after each use to allow the unit to fully dry. Also be sure to clean both pieces with soap and water once per week. I obviously didn’t know how important it was to follow those steps.


It’s recommended to use 3% hydrogen peroxide and soak the base overnight to kill the mold, but to hold off until I can go get some, I soaked mine overnight in some antibacterial dish soap and water. In the morning, the mold looked like it was almost completely gone, save for a few spots in the hardest-to-reach spots. What it looks like under the center ring is another story. So if you’re in a pinch, anitbacterial dish soap should work fine, but count on something tougher if your mold problem is more severe.

Whether you have a Clarisonic or you’re looking to buy one, I hope these tips help you make the most of that not-insignificant investment.

What are your tips for caring for your Clarisonic? Have you run into any of these three problems, too?

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9 thoughts on “Clarisonic: Three Things That No One Talks About

  • Thank you, this was so helpful. My sister is going to buy a clarisonic and I’m going to get her to watch this. I was pretty set on getting one but I decided a few days ago to pass for now. My skin has been so well-behaved lately and I don’t want to mess with it.

    • Wow, I’m so glad you found this helpful and want to share it! Thanks so much. I love my Clarisonic but since it spends so much time with water, it’s important to take good care of it. I will now be much more consistent in letting the unit dry and cleaning both pieces with soap and water every week!

  • Gretchen

    Hi! I too initially thought of that pink stuff was actually mold but it’s not. It’s a bacteria and it grows in my shower and on my shower curtain liner if I don’t clean it weekly. I’ve even had it in my toilet once. Here is some information about that:

    I did however leave on vacation and my air conditioning went off for a full two days. I came back to find what looked like mascara on my bristles, but it was actually mold and it was inside of the Clarisonic as well because naturally I was in a rush before I left and didn’t take it off like I usually do and rinse it out. I am so grossed out and I don’t know what to do to kill this black mold. I threw the brush I had away luckily it was old, and I’m soaking my Clarisonic in alcohol right now. It’s a really really gross things to have happen. I’ll look at your links.

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