Colourpop at Sephora: Golden State of Mind and Polite AF Sets

Hi, friends! I got my hands on a couple of the Colourpop products that launched at Sephora back in November, and I’m so excited to finally share my thoughts with you. I’ve wanted to try some of their products for a long time, and it’s so much more convenient to do so now that they’re at Sephora! All of their products are cruelty-free and reasonably priced.

Let’s dive in!

Golden State of Mind Palette

This palette caught my eye because it’s full of gorgeous shimmers and glitters. I don’t have a lot of very glittery eyeshadows, so I knew this would give me a lot more options in my collection. This palette sells at Sephora for $22, but as of this writing it’s on sale for $18. You may be able to find it even cheaper on Colourpop’s website.


Outside of the palette
Inside of the palette

The palette is a typical cardboard palette with a magnetic closure. It’s nice and thin and doesn’t have any wasted space. The only downside with the packaging is that it doesn’t have a mirror, but that isn’t very important to me.

Color Selection

Close up of the pans

There is a range of shades and finishes in this palette. There are a few shimmers, a couple shimmers with glitter, a couple crumbly glitters, and a couple shifting shimmers. Although, the description of the palette on Sephora’s website says that these are all “pressed powder shadows with a glitter finish.”

These are the company descriptions of these shades:

Row 1:
Swatches of top row

  • Golden Egg (pinky beige with turquoise glitter)
  • Pay the Piper (icy blue)
  • GIRLFRIEND (pink with violet glitter)
  • Zero Clue (vibrant warm yellow)
  • Watch Out (golden ivory with pink glitter)

Row 2:
Swatches of middle row

  • Drizzle (icy baby pink)
  • Uptight (rose gold)
  • Can’t Stop (icy champagne ivory)
  • Sparkler (silvery bronze)
  • Unsupervised (pink champagne)

Row 3:
Swatches of bottom row

  • Lust in Time (medium cool rose)
  • Mind Tricks (icy blackened purple)
  • Wing Woman (red brown with green and gold glitter)
  • Heads or Tales (icy cranberry)
  • Tinker Time (blackened antique gold with blue glitter)

You can probably tell from the descriptions alone that these shades are very multidimensional and unique. I think these descriptions are accurate, but I do want to note that many of these shadows look much different swatched out on the skin than they do in the pan. If you’re on the fence about this palette, I highly recommend seeing it in person.

Application and Wear

I tried applying these shadows with a few different brushes before deciding that I get the most color payoff and shine when I use my fingers. So, I’ll typically put on a transition and crease shade, then pat one of these across my lid. I’ve worn these for nights out as well as entire workdays, and they’ve all been really pigmented and long-lasting. A huge pet peeve of mine is when glitter shadows lose their color throughout the day but the glitter stays. That’s not been an issue for me with this palette!

These shadows have fantastic color payoff and pop like true glitters on the lid. However, there is some fallout. Be careful when you apply these, and don’t touch your eyelids afterwards. If you’re blending with these, be ready to pick up some fallout before you go wherever you’re going. I haven’t had any major issues with the fallout, but some reviews say otherwise. Just be aware of it.

And again, these shades often look different on the skin than in the palette. I sometimes find myself at a loss when I’m looking over this palette because there are a lot of options, and I can’t ever remember which ones are true to pan and which have some color of glitter that shifts the whole look on the skin.

Luckily, this is the kind of palette you just want to touch, so it’s not a problem for me to stick my fingers in a couple of them before applying one.

Polite AF Super Shock Shadow Collection

This little box hold six of Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadows. I’ve been curious about this formula, and this set is a great opportunity to try a few different colors from the line. This set is $30 from Sephora, but you might be able to get it for cheaper from Colourpop’s website.


Polite AF box
Inside of the box

This box is adorable, but I would love it more if I could remove the insert that holds the eyeshadows so I could reuse it. I may still try to pry it out, though.

The shadows are all singles with caps that twist on and off. I find them to be a bit bulky, but there’s a lot of product in each one. The caps are clear so you can see which shade you’re grabbing, but the white borders seem to cast a shadow over the product, so I find that these colors are duller and harder to distinguish between with the caps on.

Color Selection

Shadows with caps on
Shadows with no caps

These shades are all warm-toned and very glittery.

Swatches of super shock shadows

  • Deep Dive (medium brown with red and green glitter)
  • Drift (burgundy-red with red and gold glitter)
  • Birthday Girl (champagne with rainbow glitter)
  • Birthday Cake (baby pink with rainbow glitter)
  • Stereo (reddish plum with pink/red glitter)
  • Sequin (rose gold with silver glitter)

Application and Wear

These shadows are raved about for a reason; they’re super shiny and bright. There’s some fallout with these too, but I don’t find it to be bad at all. I use these the same way as I do the palette: I pat them on the lid as a last step in my eye makeup. You can blend them afterwards, but they’re too glittery to use a brush the entire time. I think the color payoff is also a lot better when you use your fingers.

Have you tried Colourpop before? What do you think? What should I try from them next?

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