Dove Dry Shampoo

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Dry shampoo is absolutely necessary in my beauty arsenal. I wash my hair every 2-4 days, so I need to have something around to refresh my roots on my off days that is quicker than rinsing my hair. I had heard good things about Dove’s dry shampoo, and I’ve been using it for a few months.

Dove Dry Shampoo

This is a great dry shampoo if you’re looking for something cheap that you can find at any drugstore. This is definitely not something you’d spray in your hair like a hairspray—too much and you’ll see the white product. I just part my hair a few times around my head and give a couple short sprays at the roots, rub it all in, and then brush it out. It makes my hair feel a lot less oily. It’s also good for styling your hair when you need a little extra volume at the roots.

I love the scent on this too! It smells really fresh and clean, but it’s not too heavy. It fades a bit by the end of the day, but I’ve never worried about my hair smelling bad or dirty with this product. I want to try the Batiste dry shampoo, which you can find at Ulta and isn’t too much more than this one, because they have a few different scents.

What’s best about this product, though, is that it will last a LONG time. I’ve been using the same bottle for months, but since I only use a few sprays of it every couple of days, it takes quite a while to use it up.

In short, if you’re looking for an economical but quality dry shampoo, this is a great option. Do you use dry shampoo? Which ones are your favorites?

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