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Hi! I’ve been using this product for some time now, but I finally got around to posting a review. I’ve reviewed a few IT Cosmetics products, but Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream is definitely a very close second to the Celebration Illumination foundation (only because I use the powder foundation much more often).

Bye Bye Redness packaging

Product in the pot

This product is a color-correcting cream that you can wear alone or underneath a regular foundation. I’ve found this product to be so pigmented that I normally wear it alone. It’s thick, creamy, and buildable. However, it can be difficult to blend, especially if you accidentally use too much.

This pot is very small, so the sticker shock is high when you see what you’re getting. Take a look at the size of this pot compared to my camera’s lens cap:

Bye Bye Redness next to my lens cap - the lens cap has a larger circumference

But the good news is you truly only need a very tiny amount of product. To apply this, I dab a bit near the center of my face (nose, inner cheeks, forehead, and chin) and blend it out with a brush. A beauty blender works too, but I’ve found that it blends out more smoothly with a brush. If I have some stubborn redness that won’t go away, I’ll go in with a teeny bit more product and blend it out again. Then, I spend some time making sure I’ve blended out the edges enough.

This stuff gives me nearly-perfect skin. I feel confident wearing it because I know it will stay in place. Like the Bye Bye Under Eye concealer, this product sets quickly and doesn’t go anywhere. So you have to work fast! There’s definitely a learning curve to this product because you have to balance using a tiny amount with working quickly and blending it well, so I’ve definitely had times when this has left a line along my jaw or looked a bit uneven, but I’ve found that all to be due to user error.

The major downside of this product is that it comes in one shade, and it’s for light to medium skin tones. It’s on the darker side for me, and I have pretty fair skin (see: tan line :-/).

Swatch of Bye Bye Redness on my hand

For those who are close but don’t have a perfect match with this product, you can definitely use it and apply your foundation over it, but it might affect the way your foundation looks. I suggest going to Ulta and swatching it out to see how it might work for you. And remember — use a tiny amount. The reason this product works for me even though it’s a bit dark is because I use a minimal amount of it.

I love this product, and I’ve been nursing the same pot for a couple years, which helps justify the price. I haven’t had any issues with this product getting old on me, and it looks like I’m finally in the final stretch with it!

To recap…


  • Amazing coverage
  • Doesn’t budge once it’s set
  • No scent or irritating ingredients


  • Only one shade – not for porcelain skintones, or medium and deeper skintones, although you could mix it with a foundation or layer your favorite over this
  • Mistakes show – make sure to blend and use light layers
  • Can look heavy or uneven

Product Breakdown:

$32 for 0.37 oz at Ulta or the IT Cosmetics website

$39.50 for the product and a brush on QVC’s website

Have you tried IT Cosmetics? What do you think?

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