IT Cosmetics Celebration Illumination Foundation

I have a confession to make. I’ve been wearing this IT Cosmetics Celebration Illumination Foundation basically daily for months, and I never actually reviewed it. *facepalm*

This will be the best-researched review I’ve ever written, as I’ve worn this foundation hundreds of times.

This foundation is a powder foundation, but it has a teeny bit of a glow to it so your skin looks youthful and healthy. You can wear it alone or over a liquid foundation or concealer for more coverage. On its own, it’s about medium coverage, but can be put on sheer and built up where you need it.

The packaging is a thin compact with a mirror and secret brush compartment inside. The compact has a little iridescence to it, which I think is a nice touch. I’ve only used the brush a couple times, as I prefer to use my full-size brushes at home. I like that it’s there for emergencies, though. The mirror is useful when you’re out, but I don’t use it when I’m applying the foundation at home.

I’ve hit pan on this foundation, so I’m glad I took some photos back when it was fairly new:

Outer packaging

Foundation and mirror

Inside compartment with brush

I have the shade Light, which is the second from the lightest. It’s a good match for me. The shade selection isn’t great, as there are only five shades, so I suggest looking at these in person at Ulta to see if one will match you.

Before purchasing this foundation, I didn’t wear powder foundations much, but I found that with a full-time job, I needed to turn my “glam” routine into something quick and easy. This foundation is great because you can get lots of coverage quickly, and you can even apply it under the eyes to act as a concealer too. I’ve also found that it can look great as the day goes on because of the glow it has, although when it’s warm out, it has a tendency to get too shiny. A quick reapplication usually fixes this.

However, when I have more than a couple pimples or bumps on my skin, this foundation doesn’t look as good. So when I don’t clean my makeup brushes or pillowcase and my forehead gets little bumps, or if I have a breakout on my chin, the foundation tends to look a bit more powdery and some redness still shows through. When my skin is smoother, this foundation really evens out my skin tone and is basically magic.

Here’s a before-and-after shot of a pretty good skin day (minus the couple pimples!):

My face before foundation

My face after foundation

What made this product great for me was not being afraid of using too much (of course, this is on top of diligently keeping up with my moisturizing routine). I purchased an IT Cosmetics powder foundation brush for this, which picks up a lot of product, and I don’t shy away from grabbing a lot. I get the most even, long-lasting coverage when I use more than I think I should, given that powder foundations can leave a powdery finish on the skin. And the best part is whether you use a little or a lot, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin; I can’t feel it at all. Using a lot of product also gives the best coverage under the eyes. I have some strong discoloration under my eyes, and honestly, this foundation doesn’t totally cover it, but it greatly improves it. Enough to feel confident in the harsh indoor lighting at work, at least!

When I was researching this foundation, I was really torn between this one and the matte version (the Celebration Foundation). I was worried that my skin is too oily for the “illuminating” qualities. And like I’ve said, on some days, I wish I had something more matte. Sometimes I’ve mixed this foundation with the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat powder foundation to protect against shine. But overall, I’m glad I got this one instead of the regular Celebration Foundation. I like that it keeps my skin looking alive and fresh. Sometimes during a long work day, I’ll look in the mirror and be wowed by how good my skin looks. It’s one of those foundations that can look better after a few hours than when you first applied it, as long as the formula is the right match for your skin type.

I also feel like I’ve gotten a lot of product for my money. Like I said, I’ve been using this product basically every day for probably over a year, but I’ve only recently hit pan. I’ve still got a long time to go before it’s gone entirely.

The only times I don’t think this product is my best option are when I’m going to a special event (I opt for a liquid foundation) or when my skin is looking like it might need more coverage. Otherwise, I’m fine trading some coverage for the convenience and feeling of this foundation.

Have I raved enough about this foundation yet? You can get it for $35 at Ulta, or sometimes with a full-size brush included for around $40 from QVC.

Let me know if you’ve tried this foundation! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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