Lorac Contour Palette + Brush Review

Hey guys,

I’ve had this contour palette since it came out in June. I’m so embarrassed! I filmed a video very soon after I bought it, but I didn’t like the footage and life sort of got away from me for a while. But now, I have a review for you. You can watch the video below, or skip below for a quick overview of my thoughts and some close-ups and swatches.

The packaging has a soft rubberized finish, similar to NARS packaging. This means that while it feels amazing to hold in your hands, it will get dirty pretty quickly! So far, I haven’t had too much trouble with that, but I’m waiting…


Now for what’s inside. You get three contour powders and three highlight powders. They’re all super pigmented and unique from one another. The pans are also large enough to use with most contour/blush/powder brushes, which is awesome. I hate when you look at something like this online and buy it thinking it’s much bigger than it is! Luckily, that’s not the case with this one.


As I mentioned before, these powders are pigmented. Very pigmented. So much so, that you have to be really careful using these! The swatches below were one good swipe of product. The powders are easy to blend, so you can mostly get out of a hot mess if you get a little too heavy-handed, but it’s still a risk with this palette.

In natural light, and artificial light:



For some reason I don’t have a photo of the brush, so check out the video if you want to see it. It’s basically a very flat tapered brush good for sharp lines (think NARS Ita), but it’s very dense and can blend product out as well. The brush is amazing quality, unlike most brushes you get in a set like this. I was already thrilled to be getting it with the palette–anyone else HATE how you always seem to have to buy the brush separately, and it’s as expensive as the product itself?–but the fact that it’s high-quality makes this an amazing deal.

I do have one problem, though. The palette and brush are difficult to use together because the brush is so soft and good at picking up product, and the powders are so pigmented. You can guess what happens. You have to barely, barely tap the brush onto the powder, and even then, you’ll probably have to tap the excess off the brush just to be safe. It’s a dangerous combination when you’re trying to do a light contour for every day (versus a super glam look for a night out or a special event).

This set is just too amazing. This is the only contouring palette I’ll ever need! You can pick this up for $45 at Ulta or Lorac’s website.

Have you tried this palette? Is there another #1 contour palette on your list? Comment below!

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.46.54 AM

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