L'Oreal La Palettes 1 & 2 Review

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I was able to find these new L’Oreal La Palette nude eyeshadow palettes at Target a couple weeks ago, so I wanted to do a quick review while everyone is starting to talk about these. 

I have both of the available palettes—one is warmer-toned and the other has cooler, purple-toned shades. These have 10 shades each are $20 each at Target and most drugstores, but I’ve heard that Walmart has them for $15 each. I definitely suggest that you check for deals at your local drugstore, because these are a lot more expensive than what you usually see, but you mostly see BOGO half off, which only helps you if you’re getting both. 

Anyway, I talk about these palettes and show live swatches in my video:

In the video, I mentioned that this blog post would have a review of each shade in both palettes. I gotchu.

Palette #1 (warm palette)

  • Ivory (satin-ish): very subtle, so it’s definitely just a highlight color and not an all-over color
  • Champagne (shimmer): this shade reminds me of Stila Kitten and is awesome when you first put it on, but it seems to fade significantly by the end of the day
  • Brownish pink (matte): good as a transition shade, but would need to be built up for other uses
  • Pale gold (satin): bad color payoff and fades after application
  • Light brown (matte): great transition shade, can double as a brow powder
  • Medium brown (matte): awesome, can also double as a brow powder
  • Warm brown (shimmer-ish): mediocre color payoff
  • Cool brown (satin-ish): great color payoff
  • Silver (shimmer): difficult to build up, goes on a bit sheer
  • Pale pink (shimmer): very pretty but hard to build up

Good shades: 5-6/10

As I said in the video, I’m pretty disappointed with the #1 palette. About half of the shades are really pale or not as shimmery as I expected, and there are only 3 matte shades.

Palette #2 (cool palette)

  • Pale pink (satin): beautiful as a highlight shade (seriously, I kind of want to put this on my cheekbones), but might not work as an all-over shade because it’s a bit sheer
  • Dusty rose (shimmer): a gorgeous, unique color
  • Greyish-lilac (matte): beautiful all over the lid and as a transition shade
  • Plum brown (matte): awesome color payoff
  • Blue-grey (shimmer): another unique color, almost brown-blue (like the shade in the Wet ‘n Wild Comfort Zone palette, but not as intense)
  • Plum (matte): deep, true purple with great color payoff
  • Medium brown (shimmer): great color payoff
  • Lilac (matte): comes off as a light pink, could make a great transition shade or matte highlight
  • Medium purple (matte): bright dark purple, with awesome color payoff
  • Dark purple (matte): cool deep purple, also with awesome color payoff

Good shades: 9-10/10

You get half mattes with the second palette and a good range of mauve shades with the more traditional “nudes.” And these are all sooo pretty!

If you like more traditional nude eyeshadows, I’d recommend skipping on these palettes and going for another option (Coastal Scents, Wet ‘n Wild, Morphe, and Makeup Geek all have great options at a similar price point). If you like nude shadows but also wouldn’t mind a little pop of purple, I think the #2 palette is so unique and has some amazing quality eyeshadows. Totally worth $20 to me!

What do you think of these palettes? Have you tried them yet?

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