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It’s that time again… May was an important month this year. I finished up undergrad, graduated, visited Maryland for the first time, and moved to Virginia for the summer. This post is especially sentimental to me because my first monthly favorites post ever, one of my first blog posts, was last year’s May favorites. It’s amazing how much life can change in a year. It all sounds similar–ending a school year, packing up, moving somewhere far from school–but the circumstances are so different. It’s been an amazing year writing this blog, and I hope it only continues to improve. I have a few things I’m trying to plan coming up, so hopefully you’ll be seeing some new and exciting things here on the blog!

Anyway, you’re probably here for the favorites. 🙂


NYX Skinny Black Liner


I didn’t reach for this eyeliner much after I got it in a set from Hautelook, but it’s been a staple for my day-to-day makeup looks. It’s especially helpful now that I’m working and have been keeping my makeup clean and simple because it makes a super thin line that adds a little extra to my eye looks without going overboard. Plus, it’s retractable, so it’s zero maintenance! A couple downsides, though: the color is definitely a cooler black and looks almost too blue-based for my taste, and it can go on kind of chunky. But with some smoothing out with a small brush and a little black eyeshadow on top, it looks great.

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20


This concealer has been a lifesaver for my under eye area. You can read my full review here, but in short, I recommend using an eye cream underneath it and finding a resealable container for the excess product from each pump (I use a contact lens case).

ELF Baked Highlighter in Blush Gems


This was the highlight I kept around when I was in the middle of packing and moving everything around and didn’t have access to a lot of my makeup. It gives a nice subtle shimmer to the cheekbones and gives matte blushes a little more depth when used on top.

Long-lasting Eyeshadow Combo: Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten + Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten

DSCN0280 DSCN0281

This combination seems kind of like a no-brainer, but I felt like it was worth mentioning anyway. Kitten is a beautiful warm shimmery champagne shade that has made Stila famous, and I’m lucky enough to have both the cream shadow and powder shadow versions. During graduation weekend I was looking for products that would last all day with little fuss, and I’ve found that these two layered together make an amazing base for any eye look. I’ve been using it for work, too. I wrote a very early blog post about the smudge pot if you’re interested, but unfortunately it seems to be drying out now!

BITE Beauty Mini Lip Duo in Musk/Lychee


I bought this mini duo from Sephora recently when I was doing some Mother’s Day shopping, and I have been using it at least once or twice a week since. I won’t say too much because I have a review for you in the works, so check back soon if you’re interested in reading more about it!

* Feel free to leave specific questions about these lipsticks in the comments if you have any, and I’ll include them in my review.

ELF Mineral Powder Brush


I got this brush in my (kind of) recent ELF haul, and I love it for any kind of powders, but espescially bronzer. It does the job for setting powder and blush, but since it’s so small, I prefer to use larger brushes for those. This brush is perfect for contouring and generally bronzing the face because it’s fluffy but compact, so it’s great for concentrated application. At only $3, it’s definitely worth a try if you’re able to order one or have ELF at a store near you!

Vera Wang Pink Princess Perfume

DSCN0277 DSCN0278

I’ve been making an effort to remember to use perfumes more often, as I’ve come across a bunch of them through giveaways and sample bags. I got this one from my campus’ Her Campus giveaway. I made sure to use it through graduation weekend, and I’ve been wearing it to work now too. The scent is really light, with lots of floral notes. It doesn’t seem to last quite all day, but the scent definitely lingers in my clothing afterwards.

H&M Small Black Purse



My mom took me to H&M to buy jeans after graduation, since I didn’t pack any for my summer and realized that was probably a mistake. While I was there, I saw this bag for half off ($7) and grabbed it, thinking a small bag might be useful to have with me as well. And OH BOY, this purse is the best. I’m so bummed I didn’t get the brown one too. I love the rectangular shape, and it has so much space for the essentials–I was able to bring a small wallet, sunglasses, a pressed powder, lip balm, and a lipstick with room to spare. I used this the whole time I was in Maryland, and I know it will be with me as I explore Virginia too.

Remington Pearl Pro Flat Iron


This hair straightener has proven to be a great purchase. It makes curling my hair a breeze, although I still need a little more practice at it. It also makes my naturally straight hair look smoother and generally more polished. I have a full review of this flat iron here if you’re curious.

For the main graduation ceremony, I straightened my hair and turned the ends under slightly, and I was so happy with it (apologies for the small photo – it was taken on a phone):

2014-05-18 17.14.15

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog, and I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my May favorites. What were some of yours?

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