NARSissist Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette

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The purchase I made that got me the sample of the new Benefit Roller Lash mascara was the NARSissist Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now, and I have some mixed feelings about it so far.


The palette is $79, which is quite an investment for a palette this size compared to similar palettes. But I’d heard amazing things about these shadows: they can be used wet or dry, they blend well, they’re pigmented. I loved that this palette has such a nice range of shades, covering your basic neutrals as well as including a couple of unexpected colors.

This palette also comes with a brush–and a good one, too. It’s their wet/dry brush (I don’t know the specific name, but that’s the gist), so it’s a good basic to have when working with eyeshadow like this. I’ve used it a couple times, and I like that it’s nice and small so that you can really pack on color in a targeted way. The palette also boasts a large mirror and a strong closure (it’s the kind that clicks shut, not magnetized). I’m a huge fan of the packaging! And look at that beautiful design on the shadows.

I tried to pronounce the shade names in the video, but it didn’t go well for me. Here they are, written:
Ursa Major

It starts off so promising, but then it gets really difficult, really fast 😛

But now for the things I’m not into with this palette. First off, I’ve been noticing a lot of creasing, even though I’ve been wearing an eyeshadow primer. The creasing was less when I took extra steps to prime my lids and when I used them wet, but it’s still disappointing that I can’t use this palette and feel confidently about the shadows lasting all day. This may get better as I break in the palette, which brings me to…

In the store, the very well-loved tester palette was giving me beautiful swatches, but I feel like the lighter shades are really difficult to build up. Even wet or applied with my fingers, they take a little more work than you’d expect from an $80 palette. I’m thinking that the eyeshadows need to be worn down a little bit in order to get the color payoff that everyone talks about. I guess I’ll have to see if that’s true as I continue to use it, but I don’t like that this palette takes so much work.

Finally, this is small, but the darker shades come off somewhat differently on the skin than they look in the pan. Specifically, the plum comes off more brown, and the blue comes off more navy blue. Check out the swatches in the video to see for yourself. I still think the shades are beautiful, they’re just not what I expected.

The bottom line for me is that this palette is beautiful, and some of these shades are absolutely breathtaking. Europa is just stunning–it has a gold shift to it that you wouldn’t expect from looking at it in the pan. And they truly do blend well. You can see in the video that I was able to get very pigmented swatches, so while it may take some extra work while the palette is new, you can definitely get a strong look, especially when using them wet.

If you’re looking for a luxurious purchase and have the extra $30-ish to spend compared to other palettes at Sephora, I highly recommend taking a look at this palette. See if you can find one in store and play with the shadows yourself.

If you’re interested in seeing live swatches and/or me using the palette, I’m just going to leave this here:

I hope you found this review helpful. Thanks so much for coming by and taking the time to read/watch this post! Please comment below if you have any advice, questions, etc.

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