NEW(ish): liner.designer by beautyblender

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During the spring VIB/VIB Rouge 15% off sale, I thought I’d pick up something different. I ended up getting this new liner.designer by beautyblender to see if it could actually help me put eyeliner on quickly and flawlessly (or, at least with fewer mistakes!).

liner.designer by beautyblender

The liner.designer is made of silicone so it can adapt to lay flat on your face. It’s also that signature beautyblender pink!

liner.designer in case

liner.designer out of case

The case has a 5x magnifying mirror and a suction attachment so you can attach it to a wall or bathroom mirror. The mirror is helpful because it gives you a good view of what you’re doing, but as you’ll see in the demo, I ended up with slightly strange wings. I feel like this was because being so zoomed in made me lose the context of the rest of my face. There’s some sort of balance you have to get with this…

Case with suction attachment

Inside, you also get a “lookbook” to inspire some ways to use this product. The liner.designer has three differently shaped sides, so you can do a lot of cool stuff!

The three edges of the liner.designer

(I’m loving “Never fear the cat eye again!” I’m SO scared… hehe)

The two unexpected ideas in the lookbook were the “mascara defender” (blocking mascara from getting on your lid) and “getting lippy with it” (make a clean edge for your lip liner or lipstick). I could see myself using this with liquid lipstick any day!

Mascara and lip ideas in the lookbook

But of course, I ran into a couple issues with this product when I tried it out for the first time. I wanted to do a simple winged liner just to try this out, but it wasn’t as simple as it seemed… Check out my demo and first impressions below:

Overall, this nifty little thing is helpful when you know exactly where to place it, like when you’re doing a double wing, layering multiple eyeliners, or other fun things. But, for a simple winged liner, you’re probably better off with clear tape or doing it freehand. The liner.designer blocks some of your view, so it can be hard to line it up just right on both sides. This would be more useful for more intricate liner looks, or its other uses as a mascara guard or lip liner helper.

You can get the liner.designer for $16 at Sephora.

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