NYX Love in Paris palette in "Merci Beaucoup"

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a straight-up, old-fashioned review. I’ve had this NYX Love in Paris palette in “Merci Beaucoup” for a long time and finally decided to commit to using it for a couple weeks and get some notes down. I was always on the fence about this palette, and after this, I’ve definitely seen some awesome qualities and some not-so-great qualities.



This palette comes with 9 shades and a small sponge-tip applicator. There’s no mirror, but the clear window lets you see what in it at a glance, which I like for when I’m shuffling through a bunch of stuff!

I noticed after taking these photos that the back of the palette lists the numbered shades with the palette laying sideways… Oops! I took photos with the intention of listing the shades as the photo shows above: starting with the gold in the upper-left corner and ending with the matte brown-black in the bottom right. So we’re going to do that.


Before I talk about the individual shades, I want to show you guys the overall pigmentation of the palette. I took swatches using one quick swipe of each shade, and then really dug in and built them up.

One swipe:
Swatches - one swipe

Built up:
Swatches - built up

You can see the difference is mostly in the super light shades. But, the eyeshadows in this palette tend to get a little crumbly when you build them up, as you can see in the 4th shade in from the left. Because of this, I ranked the shades based on build-up level (how much work it takes to get full color, so low is better than high) and clump level. I’ve marked these below as BL and CL.

The standout shades

1 (light gold): This shade is beautiful and really dimensional, with a medium BL and CL.

7 (matte warm brown): This color is BAM! Easily my favorite shade in this palette. While the BL is low, the CL is a bit high, so watch for fallout.

9 (matte brown-black): This shade is very similar to the above, but a tinge less creamy.

The good shades

2 (coral pink): This color is so gorgeous but takes a little work to get the full color on the lid. It has a low CL but high BL.

3 (medium pink): Exactly the same review as the other pink.

7 (champagne): This is a gorgeous champagne, with a medium BL and low CL.

The “meh” shades

4 (shimmery gold-brown): This shade has a beautiful gold sheen and doesn’t clump at all. But its BL is high.

5 (shimmery brown): This shade isn’t super special, and also has a high BL and low CL.

6 (matte white): The most disappointing shade in this palette. It’s way too hard to build color, and it clumps in big flakes when you try and dig in for more product.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the darker mattes in this palette. I wish the pinks packed a little more punch, but they’re a nice addition to the otherwise brown-toned shades in this palette. The light gold and champagne are awesome basic colors, even if they’re not the best out there.

You can buy this palette for $5 on NYX’s website, or for $9.99 at Ulta. I’d say it’s worth a few bucks if you think you’d get a lot of use out of those mattes and light shimmers!

At the end of this week, I’m off to Paris for work/fun, and then I’m meeting up with some of my family in Berlin. I have a couple videos in the pipeline, so look out for those over the next couple days as I pack…

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