My One-Year Veganniversary and Going Cruelty-Free!

I mentioned once on my blog that I went vegan last year. It’s my one-year veganniversary (!!!), and I’m starting to look at how I can work not just at what I’m buying, but what I can replace with vegan alternatives.

Obviously, my vegan journey started with food. Then, I started reading tags on clothes and shoes and stopped purchasing things made with animal materials. Now, I’m going cruelty-free with my makeup. Skincare won’t be far behind, but as you know, I’ve been researching skincare a lot lately, and so far it seems much harder to find cruelty-free and vegan products (please prove me wrong!). I’ve been doing my best, but I’ve found it to be a lot more difficult to find the information I’m looking for.

So what does all this mean for my blog and YouTube channel? Where I’m at now is I’m continuing to use what I own. I will still talk about those products and brands that aren’t cruelty-free, but I’ll always be clear about which products aren’t cruelty-free (you may have already noticed me doing this). Over time, the stuff that isn’t cruelty-free will be emptied or purges. But that’s going to take a long time! I’d rather use what I have and start learning more about the industry, and focus on making better purchasing decisions. As for what’s sent to me, I’m not sure yet. And again, this is going to be more difficult with skincare.

Without further ado, here’s my video announcing my transition to cruelty-free:

And if you’re curious about why I’m vegan, I did a super quick video on my other channel, which definitely does exist even though I neglect it sometimes.

The definition of vegan is to avoid animal products as far as is possible and practicable. The “practicable” part is a difficult line to draw. I want to make sure that I’m truly living at that edge and not using it as an excuse to not look as hard into my purchases as I should.

I tend to over think things (ha, can you tell??), which has been the most difficult part of going vegan. It’s hard enough to change your entire relationship with food, plan ahead, research, and deal with the social awkwardness. It’s much harder when in the back of your mind you cant stop spinning on what-ifs and fearing that the vegan police will drag you for the leather shoes you’ve owned for three years and just haven’t replaced with a vegan version yet. I’m naturally a person who chooses her words carefully and is constantly evaluating her surroundings to discern if she’s safe (physically and emotionally). Going vegan has intensified that to the point where I don’t know if ever I’m doing it “right.” Do I get to call myself vegan if I have a leather handbag? If I feed my dog meat? If some cheese accidentally fell into my guacamole?

Sure, being vegan is largely about intention. I intend to replace the animal-based items in my closet when they’re worn out. I intend to avoid stray dairy in my meals. I intend to buy products that minimize harm to animals. But I’ll never be 100% vegan, because its impossible. There’s always something for someone to criticize if they look close enough. And they will. By putting this out here publicly, I’m inviting that criticism. It’s terrifying.

So I wanted to clear the air. I know I’m not perfect. I know I’m still learning. I know I’m trying my best. I’ll face some criticism and combative comments, but I’ll also face a lot of love and compassion from others who understand that this is damn hard, and we’re all just doing what we can to make the world a little better.

Thanks for listening.

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