Painting My Dog’s Nails (and a Chihuahua Birthday Party)

I’ve been having a blast with my dog Maya lately. She’s so sweet and mellow, and she’s got a funny little personality.

I wanted to give her a beautiful manicure, even though she’s a bit of a nervous dog and doesn’t like people touching her feet. But I’d say it was a (minor) success!

Now up on my beauty channel…

I feel like this should go without saying, but in case any of you are worried about her, we did not harm Maya in making this video. She was a shelter dog and is naturally nervous. Pulling her foot away and trembling are totally normal for her when there’s something new going on (and pretty normal for chihuahuas in general, tbh). We agreed before we filmed that if at any point she shows signs of being truly terrified or overwhelmed (snapping, growling, pouncing, or running away), we’d stop immediately. Luckily, she was really good throughout the entire video and only got nervous near the end when Christian was walking around–part of her anxiety is abandonment, so she likes her humans in her line of sight and not moving. So PLEASE don’t take her subdued nature as abuse. We know and love our dog, and and we know when she’s being pushed too far.

Phew. If you’re curious about the dog nail polish we used, you can find it here (not an affiliate link or anything – just Amazon!).

We celebrated Maya’s adoption anniversary this weekend (and her birthday too, since we don’t know her real birthday). We took her out for a nice walk in some grass, a luxury for a city dog like her. Then, we had brunch outside and even ordered her some chicken off the dog menu!

No, really, our receipt said “dog chicken breast.”

This gal loves sun and had a blast sitting with us and joining in with her chicken. We got her some presents on the way home from a small mom-and-pop pet shop, then we threw her a birthday party complete with balloons and party hats.

We vlogged the day because it was just so fun! This video went up on my non-beauty channel, so take a look if you’d like:

And if you want more Maya videos, I started a playlist on my other channel that contains Maya videos from both channels: Maya playlist

I’ll be back to my regular content next week. I filmed a big empties and purge. Oh, and my pare down update from March is on the way too!

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