Pare Down: March Update

I’m a few days late on this update — sorry, friends! I’m handling some work deadlines at the moment and totally didn’t realize it was April already.

I ended my February update with some goals for March:

  • Get into the habit of writing every day
  • Declutter books and other items
  • Finish my makeup purge
  • Post a video and blog post once per week
  • Keep cutting back on TV and YouTube watching
  • Keep developing skills like sewing and painting

I did better than expected on some of these goals, but slipped a bit on some others. Full transparency! Let’s start with what’s going well.

I did some (non-work) writing 28/31 days, and read basically every night

I was nervous to commit to both a new 30-day challenge of writing every day and February’s challenge of reading every night, but the two compliment each other really well. I found a sort of rhythm in my evenings that helped me find some quiet time to write and then get straight into reading before bed.

But, by the end of the month writing got harder, not easier. I’m lacking focus and juggling multiple ideas at once, and I’d have to spend a little time each night to choose one of my open projects, and then a topic within one of those projects. It left me feeling uninspired, and I didn’t make as much progress as I was hoping for.

I finished my makeup purge and empties

I filmed what I needed from my literal bags of trash, and they’re ready to throw out. Now all that nice space I made in my drawers is permanent! I’ll have to do another purge by the end of the year, but I’m glad to get rid of products that were just taking up space.

I’ve been posting regularly to my blog and YouTube channels

While I’m not totally where I want to be with my publishing schedule, it’s nice to have pretty regular consistency with my content. I even started posting to my second YouTube channel (non-beauty) again.

I organized our pantry

We have a makeshift pantry in a closet near our kitchen, and it tends to get really cluttered as we blindly throw things in. It was time to find all the expired food we’d forgotten about and reorganize.

We bought some bins from the container store, and I took everything out of the pantry. Then I pulled what was expired, organized what was left, and put it in the pantry in the bins. I think I might need a couple more bins, but everything is much more organized!

Now, there are a few things I didn’t do so great with…

I brought in a bit more clutter

I finally got all my stuff from my mom’s house, and raided her pantry to help her do some cleaning of her own. But, this means my new pantry organization needs to be redone. And all the progress I’d made with decluttering my paper is mostly undone. Oh, and I didn’t declutter my books, I added more. Oops. We did steal a small bookshelf from my mom, though, so at least we have more places for the added books.

I got messy with my clothes and makeup

Tidying was not on my side this month. Suddenly, I looked up and had a pile of clothes at the end of the bed that was so big it was spilling onto the bed, and I had a few inches of usable space on my makeup table.

I didn’t spend much time on new skills

I made a couple sewing projects last month, but didn’t get back into it much this month. It’s getting hotter in the apartment, and the corner where the sewing machine lives is the hottest area. I’ve been thinking about painting too, but I keep finding other things to do instead.

With all this in mind, here are my goals for April:

  • Daily tidying – this is my new 30-day challenge this month. I can’t let my clothes and makeup take over again!
  • Sort all my books and replace what I can with digital copies
  • Get the pantry in shape with all the new stuff
  • Fill some gaps in my closet, and keep donating clothes (and sell the clothes I set aside to sell back in January!)
  • Keep writing and reading most days
  • Try working on new skills here and there

I think that’s a good list for now. I’m mostly on damage control this month as I get my space and time back into shape.

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