Quick Announcements!

Hi all,

I’d like to start off this post by telling you that I’m ok! Graduate school is just getting the best of me right now. It’s been tough trying to find time to film at a time with decent lighting (Daylight Savings sure isn’t going to help), and I’ve struggled with planning out blog posts in the meantime. Things will hopefully be turning around as my weekly assignments turn into more long-term final projects, so I can save my mornings for filming. If this fails, I’ll have an entire month when the semester ends to do nothing but spend time with my family and blog, blog, blog!

Here’s what’s on my post/filming agenda:

  • October Favorites
  • Beauty Blender + 2 Dupes comparison video and post – I filmed this and hated the footage, so I’m starting over!
  • Colored eyeliner tutorial – I posted a photo of the look on Instagram when I filmed the first part!
  • Makeup Purge – Because it’s time
  • Empties

Let me know if these excite you! I know I’m excited!

Announcement #2: Because I make no logical sense, while I’m drowning in schoolwork it seemed like a fabulous time to start a second blog: Informerly Speaking. Haha…get it? Anyway, I mentioned this in a video a while back, I’ve been planning it for months, and it’s finally coming to fruition. It’s on Blogger because I wanted to get to know the platform, and I thought it might be easier for non-Wordpress people to keep up with me. I have two posts up so far, and a ton already written and lined up for later. It’s going to be a lot of essay-type pieces (recycled from undergrad, #lifehacks), personal stories, researched topics and lessons about things (especially writing-related topics, like how to write topic sentences), and responses to current events. If you liked my post about Feminism and Makeup on this blog, you might like what I’ve got going over there. So far I have a personal essay about body shaming and being underweight, and a response to the recent allegations against Bill Cosby. I think this is all important stuff, and I hope to see you over there!

As always, thank you so much for sticking with me, and I’ll be back at it again soon. Holiday season is the BEST!

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