Sephora + Drugstore Haul and First Impressions

Hey guys,

I got a little shopping in as I’m settling back into my dorm and gearing up for my last semester of undergrad (yikes!). Let’s get started…

2014-01-12 19.37.23


Stila Holiday Essentials Kit

2014-01-12 22.56.21

I picked up this Stila set because I’ve been really wanting to try out the stay all day liner pen and the powder version of Kitten. Another lip sample is just a bonus!

2014-01-12 22.56.38

2014-01-12 22.57.53

The liner was much more wet than I thought it would be, it’s very much a liquid liner despite the felt tip. It was very pigmented and I didn’t need to go over it other than to smooth it out. It also really did last all day, and I trust that it would get me through any weather or sweat I could encounter.

Kitten is such a beautiful shadow. I’ll have to try this with the Smudge pot version to see how the colors really compare in their different forms. I wore it over the Prime pot and it lasted all day. So beautiful!

The liquid lipstick is in their famous shade Beso. I haven’t worn it for a full day, but these lipsticks are like paint–very pigmented with even a sheer application. I wore the one I got in the Artist Essentials kit all day and found that after a while it feels a bit drying, but that’s my only complaint.

Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil

2014-01-12 23.23.37

2014-01-12 23.24.00

I got this cleansing oil because I’m always trying to find something more eco-friendly and kind to the skin than makeup wipes. After using this a couple days, though, I think it might be breaking me out. It’s hard to pinpoint if it’s this exactly, so I’m going to go off it a few days and see if my skin clears up. I’m thinking I may have to return this.

Here are the ingredients in case you’re curious:

2014-01-12 23.23.47


Wet ‘n Wild Single Eyeshadow in Nutty

2014-01-12 23.00.02

2014-01-12 23.00.11

This eyeshadow has been highly recommended by bloggers and vloggers, so when I saw the 30% off signs I decided to go for it. It’s a beautiful color that comes of very subtle. It’s texture is very similar to the shadows in the palettes, which is great. It did seem to fade by the end of the day, though, but it’s small enough to carry around for touch-ups if needed.

Wet ‘n Wild Lipstick in Cherry Picking

2014-01-15 15.49.53

While I was at the WnW display, I decided to grab another lipstick as well because I saw this shade isn’t one of the usual ones I see. It’s a really beautiful bright pink, and it’s a bit on the darker side so it could work for the colder seasons as well.

The color is much more unique than I imagined when I picked it up. It was also one of the easiest shades going on–it didn’t pull or feel dry. It feels really creamy for a matte lipstick, and this one definitely sets matte. I haven’t worn it for a full day yet, but I imagine it will be similar to the other shades: long-lasting but will require a lip balm later on.

2014-01-15 15.50.13

2014-01-12 23.28.47

L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blue

2014-01-12 23.19.38

2014-01-12 23.19.25

This was a recommendation from Marie of The Makeup Affair, and it was on sale. It claims to “instantly erase the look of wrinkles, lines, and pores.” It’s a clear gel that you put on after moisturizing and before foundation to smooth out your skin. It (obviously) doesn’t do anything for redness, which is a problem I have, but it does seem to make my skin look and feel smoother.

The first time I used this, though, I had some trouble. It went on nicely and made my skin feel really soft, but when I went to put foundation over it, it almost seemed to repel it. Make sure to let your moisturizer set before applying this, and to let this set before applying makeup.

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in Ivory

2014-01-12 23.21.52

2014-01-12 23.22.33

I was excited to try out this foundation because I’ve heard some mixed reviews from other bloggers. I found that it looks pretty cakey overall and settles into pores, which emphasizes and unevennes. The color match was good, though, so I wonder if this would look better over even and/or primed skin.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Translucent

2014-01-15 15.49.36

I haven’t gotten to use this powder extensively, but I do like it. I may like my Maybelline Dream Matte powder more, but I’ll have to wait and see.

That’s it for my haul! Thanks for reading. Please let me know if you have any tips for the products I’ve had difficulty with 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Sephora + Drugstore Haul and First Impressions

  • I just bought a new tube of Miracle Blur and I’m starting to wonder if they changed the formula again. It made my blush and bronzer go on really patchy which is not at all like how it used to be. If it does that again I’m definitely returning it. I hate when companies change formulas of good products!!

    • Usually they say if it was a new formula on the package! I haven’t noticed it do much as far as making my makeup go on better or last longer, but it does seem to cover up small pores. I think it’s worth keeping around because it makes my skin feel so soft and improves the texture a bit, but since I have redness I’ll have to layer with other products.

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