Smashbox Lipstick Palette Swatches + Giveaway

Smashbox came out with a limited-edition lipstick palette of 25 of their Be Legendary lipsticks, sold at Sephora for $75.


Sephora describes this palette as: A limited-edition, sleek, collectible palette of 25 lipsticks that features Smashbox’s most beloved creamy and matte shades, all inspired by icons.

I have dozens of eyeshadow and blush palettes, but no lip palettes. This seemed like a good product to start with, especially because I don’t have a lot of Smashbox products in general. Also, I’m way addicted to lipstick.

Price-wise, $75 seems a little steep, but with what you’re getting, it’s not too bad. I was going to do the math, but Sephora’s site says each lipstick in the palette is .5 oz and each full lipstick is .1 oz, but that seems way off. I think they mean the palette has .05 oz lipsticks. With those numbers, you’d have to buy 12.5 full lipsticks for $21 each to equal this palette. $75 vs. $262.50. So if you’d use enough of these lipsticks, it’s definitely a steal.

Plus, I got one for one of YOU! See the end of this post for the link to that.

The shades in this palette are:

  • Lori (classic red matte)
  • Sandra (light pink matte)
  • Tina (vivid violet)
  • Jessica (honey nude rose)
  • Kim (light red berry)
  • Michelle (fuchsia matte)
  • Kate (bright raspberry)
  • Avery (neon pink)
  • Angie (soft peach)
  • Dean (fig)
  • Ashley (mauve pink matte)
  • Andy (bright red orange matte)


  • Davis (true red)
  • Nina (hot pink)
  • Jennifer (bubblegum pink)
  • Jane (plum matte)
  • Peggy (neon purple pink matte)
  • John (bold coral)
  • Starr (pink)
  • Matthew (warm raisin)
  • Christina (true red matte)
  • Annie (caramel matte)
  • Kelly (deep plum)
  • Phil (mauve nude pink)
  • Robert (pink red)


Overall, I think this palette has a lot of hits. The matte shades are all amazing. However, some of the shades were more sheer, patchy, and sticky-feeling, especially the purples and plums. So, I was a bit bummed that those shades don’t pack as much of a punch, but they’re overwhelmed by all of the pigmented and creamy shades in the palette. At least to me! I have a lot of purple and plum lipsticks, so I can layer these ones over those to add shine and moisture.

The standouts to me are: Andy, Kate, Ashley, Phil, Peggy, Christina, and John. Yeah, that’s a lot. I had trouble choosing favorites. Check out each of the shades on my lips, and let me know what your favorites are:

Did anyone watch that, and see the color of my poor, over-rubbed lips and think “OWWW”? Because I was cringing as I edited the clips together. I was serious when I said I didn’t need to wear lipstick to work afterwards.

Anyway, you’re interested in the giveaway, I’m sure. Click the link below to read the rules and enter. The basics: this giveaway is open for the rest of the month, it’s open internationally, and if you’re under 18 you’ll need parent/guardian permission to enter.

Broke for Beauty Smashbox Lip Palette Giveaway

Thanks so much for reading and watching. Comment below with your favorite shade(s) in the palette for extra entries (make sure you mark that you did it in the widget, otherwise it won’t count).

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