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I got some responses about this self tanner when I mentioned in my favorites that I was drafting up a review, so I’m so excited to be getting this review to you all! I got the St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, Self Tan Bronzing Lotion Face, and a mini Tan Applicator Mitt from a giveaway at my college a few months ago and finally got to break it open recently.

I’ve used the bronzing mousse once on my legs, and the bronzing face lotion here and there a couple times. Here’s what the products look like:



I love the black, white, and blue packaging. It looks so classic and sturdy. The pumps are great because they don’t make a mess as you use them, and with self tanner it’s important to be able to get more product very quickly.


The bronzing mousse is like a foam-type substance, similar to the texture of foaming hand soap. The face lotion is exactly what you’d expect, and the color goes on sheer. I made sure to do spot tests for both of these products before using them, and I had no reaction on my skin.

And then… I painted it on!

The odor of the bronzing mousse was surprisingly pleasant for a self tanner. There was some of the odor you’d expect going on, but once it set it actually smelled quite nice. It’s hard to describe. I guess it was kind of beachy? If you’re really concerned about the odor, I suggest taking advantage of the testers at Sephora to make sure you don’t find it too strong.

For the mousse, the directions say to put it on and let it set for thirty seconds. After that you can wear loose clothing, although I still opted for a pair of shorts and put a towel underneath me just in case. After four hours you’re supposed to wash it off, so I ran the shower and did a quick rinse with some soap. The color darkens slightly from when you apply it to when it’s fully set, so that’s something to be aware of as you apply this product. The face lotion doesn’t need setting time and you don’t have to wash it off. I used this on my upper body and arms because I can’t really walk around in a bra, and if I messed up it would be much more noticeable on my upper body.

After one leg:

2014-04-09 19.43.40

You can tell that the right leg (my left) is a bit more bronzed and evenly toned than the other one. It’s coming off a bit orange in the photo but the color is much more tan and natural in person. The results are pretty immediate. But, you have to work quickly to prevent streaks, and it’s difficult to work that quickly on the backs of your legs. Here’s what it looked like with both legs done:

2014-04-09 23.36.22

It’s nice that this product is so customizable. I could have probably put more layers on for a more dramatic difference, but I wanted to see how the color looked and lasted with one layer the first time around. I think a second layer could really help get an even amount of color all around, but I do worry that it would be too dark for me. I’ll have to try again and let you know!

The color looked great for over a week! The only thing keeping me from using this more often is that it seems like such a hassle. It’s not easy spreading the product around without streaking, and not getting weird lines around my feet, especially with the little sample sponge that has no way of attaching to your hand. I think next time I use this I’ll pull out some old cloth gloves I don’t wear and use those instead. I’m planning to use this again for graduation in a couple weeks!

Thanks for reading! Have you ever used self tanner? What did you think?

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2 thoughts on “St. Tropez Self Tanners

  • I was one of those responses! 🙂 haha

    Done it a couple of times now, absolutely love it!! You’ll have to let me know what you think of the face tanner after a few tries! I decided to try a gradual tanner with my face moisturizer for now.

    Awesome post, super helpful! Thanks again!

    • I’ll let you know about the face tanner. For now I’m content using it on my upper body instead of the mousse, and it seems to be doing well for that!

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