Suave Professionals Refresh & Revive Dry Shampoo

I’ve taken a bit of a break recently. I’m planning on making a “catch-up” video soon, and I’m getting back on my planning game for more blog posts and videos to come. I’m noticing a sort of cadence in my posting frequency, and I want to try and always stay ahead of the inevitable breaks that need to happen due to my job and personal life.

Anyway, I’ll leave the rest of that to my next video! Today, I want to share a dry shampoo with you. I have an intense affair with dry shampoos because I always forget to shower at a time that works for my hair. I shower at night, but if I don’t leave enough time for my hair to air-dry, I end up with a very itchy and flaky scalp (and no, using a hair dryer doesn’t really solve it). So, I’ll plan to wash my hair tomorrow, and then tomorrow, and…

Enter: dry shampoo. Here’s what I look for in mine:

  1. Scent: Does it have enough scent to balance out my dirty hair, without smelling like I doused my hair in perfume?
  2. Texture: Does my hair look and feel cleaner when I use it?
  3. Longevity: Can I make it through a typical work day without looking and feeling gross? (A question that applies to more than my hair :’D)

Now, I realize I’ve only written about one dry shampoo before, and that was three years ago. In the meantime I’ve tried a couple other brands. This particular one was sent to me by Influenster for reviewing purposes, but as usual, all opinions are my own.

Suave dry shampoo
(Image is from Suave’s website)

The Suave Professionals Refresh & Revive Dry Shampoo can be found at most drugstores, as well as places like Target and Ulta. Here’s what the company has to say about this range of Refresh & Revive products: Infused with mineral clay and silk powder, our dry shampoo spray absorbs oil and refreshes hair. Just a quick spray at the roots helps prevent a greasy feel between washes, leaving hair refreshed, revived, and full of body. It’s also touted at leaving hair “weightless and soft,” and is “salon proven to refresh hair as well as Oscar Blandi Pronto.” I haven’t tried that product, but Suave does love to compare their products to salon brands.

I’ve used this product a handful of times over the past month, and I think it leaves my hair looking and feeling better than if I did nothing, but I still prefer other brands to this one. So basically… meh.

Here’s how it stands up to my dry shampoo wish list:

  1. Scent: It has a very salon scent, if that makes sense to you. It definitely smells like a hair product, versus a simple clean or light scent. I didn’t find it balanced with my “au naturel” smell very well, although it did improve it slightly. But the bottom line is, if someone sniffed my head, they’d definitely know my hair was dirty, and they’d definitely know I tried to cover it up.
  2. Texture: I noticed a slight improvement in how my hair looks with this product, but it still felt a bit greasy, like the dry shampoo didn’t absorb all the oil on my scalp.
  3. Longevity: It gets me through the day, but I definitely want to clean my hair afterwards. This isn’t the kind of dry shampoo I think I could get away with for a couple days.

Overall, I’m pretty neutral on this product. If I was traveling and this was the only dry shampoo I could get my hands on, I’d find a way to make do, and I wouldn’t be totally disappointed. But with so many dry shampoo options nowadays, this one isn’t first in line. I prefer Batiste or Dove over this one for sure.

Have you tried this dry shampoo? What do you think?

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