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I know I disappear from time to time. I can't pretend I'm ignorant to the fact that my disappearances follow a pattern as well. I'm finally coming (fully) clean about what's really going on in those times. This video's a bit longer than usual, so here's a timeline: 0:20 An appearance by my dog (and my posting patterns) 1:25 Depression + anxiety 3:45 Other life changes - fitness and diet 5:35 Getting back on track 7:50 Coming back to videos + blogging 9:35 The Future 11:09 An announcement 13:00 Q+A? Ask me questions! So... yeah. That's a lot. While I was filming, I 1) had no idea my dog was wandering around behind me (ha!) and 2) didn't realize the full weight of what I was sharing. I definitely distance myself…
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