Tartelette Flirt Palette

Hey, how ’bout a blog post review instead of a video today? 😉

Spoiler alert: Today’s review is a rave review.

You may remember from my VIB Rouge Sale haul this year that I snagged this little eyeshadow palette for my then-upcoming Thanksgiving trip. Well, I enjoyed it so much that I continued to use it when I got home, then took it on a pre-Christmas visit to see my Dad, and so on… I had to force myself to pick up other products again after a while!

So let’s talk about what I like so much, yeah?


Tartlette Flirt palette packaging
Inside of the palette

I have ZERO complaints about the packaging for this product. It’s slim, light, and fits in just about any small space you might have when you’re packing a suitcase or gym bag. It’s cardboard with a magnetic closure that feels sturdy. Some brands seem to cheap out on their travel-sized selection, but Tarte does not!

It’s about the same size as the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, but a bit slimmer and flatter.

Tartlette palette with the Naked Basics palette
Palette thickness comparison

The eyeshadows themselves are a great size. Any eyeshadow brush fits in these pans, no matter how fluffy. And somehow, the pans aren’t too close together. It’s always a shame when shadows are placed too close together and you get fallout from a dark color mixing with a lighter color. That’s never happened to me with this palette after a couple months of heavy use.

I’m not sure if this palette is scented, but it smells vaguely like frosting. It’s not overwhelming like some products tend to be, so I enjoy it. Again, I’m not even sure if this is on purpose… but it’s there.

As if this palette couldn’t get any better, it also has a mirror. It’s not as big as it probably could be compared to the size of the packaging, but it’s generally enough to get by. I like that the print the name of the palette on it, too.

Color selection

Palette pans

These are great basic colors. For my skin tone, this palette provides everything I need:

  • Gaze – A matte ivory
  • Touch – A shimmery rose gold
  • Hotline – A matte warm brown
  • Playful – A matte cool brown
  • Passion – A shimmery beige (although it looks pink in the pan)
  • Snuggle – A matte dark brown

This seems like a good starter palette for someone who’s new to makeup. You can easily put together a nice daytime look with these shades.

I didn’t think I’d use Gaze much, but I found that applying it all over the lid makes a nice smooth base for the darker shades. I use Hotline and Playful all the time, although I do think there a little redundant. It would have been better to make them more different or replace one with black or another color. They’re in the same shade range and similar on the skin.

Application and wear

These eyeshadows are a great texture and are easy to apply. They’re a little crumbly like Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows, especially Gaze, so you do have to be careful about fallout. But I don’t mind a more crumbly texture as long as the shadow applies smoothly and the color payoff is worth it, and I think that’s true for these shades. The only downside to this is how quickly I seem to be making a dent in this!

I tend to apply the shimmer shades with my fingers because I get the most color payoff and shine that way. They’re nice and creamy, so they apply easily.

I wish the deep brown was more pigmented and easier to blend. I have trouble blending this shade into the outer corner, and it doesn’t stay very dark throughout the day.

I love that I can quickly get a simple daytime look with this palette. I like to apply Gaze all over the lid, then put Hotline and/or Playful in the crease. Then, I apply Touch or Passion on the lid, and Snuggle in the outer corner. Sometimes, I blend one of the browns on my bottom lash line, too. These shadows apply and blend so easily that in about 3 minutes, I’m ready to go.

As for wear time, I couldn’t be happier. These shadows last all day for me. I use a primer underneath, but I always use a primer so I don’t consider that to be a factor. I’ve had plenty of eyeshadows crease on me even with a primer. At the end of the day, my eyeshadow still looks pretty good (of course, not perfect). Snuggle is the only shade that seems to fade over time for me.

The bottom line

I love this palette, can you tell? This is such a great basic palette that has everything you need to make a few simple looks. However, it’s really more of a daytime palette, so depending on your lifestyle, you might still need a couple extra eyeshadows if you travel with this. This isn’t a problem for me at all; I’d rather have a palette I use everything from even if it isn’t all-inclusive, than a palette that has more variety but I ignore half the shades on it. With this palette, I truly use every single shade, and that’s definitely something to celebrate.

This palette retails for $23, which is not cheap, but not jaw-dropping. I think it’s well worth the money!

I never really used Tarte’s eyeshadows before, but now I want to look into their other travel-friendly palettes! Have you tried Tarte eyeshadows before? I’d love to know what you think!

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