theBalm Nude ‘Tude and Nude Dude Palettes

Hello, friends! I’ve been sitting on these two palettes and finally realized I never actually reviewed them. And with theBalm’s new release of the Nude Beach palette, it seems like a good time to take a look at the well-loved originals.



Nude ‘Tude

This is the original nude palette from theBalm. It has 12 shades organized from light to medium to dark across the palette. There are 4 mattes, 6 shimmers, and 2 shimmers with glitter.


Check out the cute packaging! I believe they used to have a PG version that matched the outer cover design, but I chose this one because it felt more in the spirit of what the company was going for. I think as of right now you can only get this version.

This palette has a fantastic, large mirror. I don’t use the little brush that came with it.

Here are the shades top-bottom, left-right:

  • Sassy (shimmer): frosty, pure white
  • Stubborn (shimmer): baby pink, and close to a satin finish
  • Selfish (shimmer): medium warm taupe
  • Sophisticated (glitter): cool brown with gold and red fine glitter
  • Sexy (matte): deep burgundy
  • Serious (matte): black
  • Snobby (shimmer): light yellow
  • Stand-offish (shimmer): champagne pink
  • Sultry (matte): camel brown
  • Seductive (shimmer): medium brown
  • Silly (glitter): dark brown with lots of gold and red glitter
  • Sleek (matte): deep brown

I like the shade selection, but I think the baby pink and champagne are similar in tone, and I never really know what to do with the yellow. I love nearly every shade in this palette, though, so I always seem to get past it. My favorites are Stand-offish, Sultry, Selfish, and Sexy. The only shades I don’t love are the glitters, just because they’re slightly less pigmented and I don’t get as much use out of them.

Nude Tude swatches

All those swatches are one swipe. These are really beautiful eyeshadows. You can see that Sultry and Sexy really pop. Sassy, Stubborn, Stand-offish, and Snobby have a gorgeous shine to them too. The shimmers are extremely soft and buttery. I’ve gotten a lot of use from this palette over the years, and I think it’s a great companion with the next installment: The Nude Dude.

Nude Dude

Jumping off the success of the Nude ‘Tude, theBalm came out with the Nude Dude. It says “Volume 2” on the packaging, so this is truly meant to be a part two to the first one.

The packaging is exactly the same as the first palette, but the brush is ever-so-slightly less fluffy on both ends. Oh, and the inside has naked men instead of naked women. Again, I’m a big fan of the packaging here, but I know this kind of design doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Once again, this palette has 12 shades. There are 4 mattes, 7 shimmers, and 1 glitter.


This palette definitely has a warmer theme to it, and overall I think the colors are more cohesive. This makes it more appealing to reach for when I want a quick eye look that I know will look good.

Here are the shades top-bottom, left-right:

  • Fearless (matte): pale pink-beige
  • Flawless (matte): light, cool brown
  • Firm (shimmer): light golden brown
  • Flirty (shimmer): lilac with a gold shift
  • Friendly (matte): deep purple
  • Fierce (glitter): deep gray with gold and silver fine glitter
  • Fabulous (shimmer): ivory
  • Faithful (shimmer): pale gold
  • Fit (shimmer): coppery rose gold
  • Feisty (matte): dusty cool pink
  • Funny (shimmer): reddish brown
  • Fine (shimmer): dark brown

The color selection is awesome on this palette if you like warm tones. I love that this skews warm without being your typical “pinks and browns.” When I first got this, I was drawn to Flirty because it’s so unique, particularly for a large palette like this.

Nude Dude swatches

Again, these are all one swipe. That third row is just gorgeous, and have become my favorite shades in this palette (Fabulous, Faithful, and Fit). I love that there are two matte crease shade options (Flawless and Feisty) instead of just one like in the previous palette. I also love using Fearless all over the lid as a base to help the rest of the shadows blend.


I have one look for each palette to give you an idea of the range you can get from these palettes.

Look 1 (Nude Dude): Feisty in and above the crease, Flawless in the crease, Firm all over the lid, Fit on the inner third of the lid and inner corner, Fearless and Fabulous to highlight the brow, Fine in the outer corner, Funny on the bottom lash line

Nude Dude eyes open

Nude Dude eyes closed

(Say hello to my dog, sleeping on my pillow)

Look 2 (Nude ‘Tude): Snobby and Sultry in the crease, Snobby pulled above the crease, Sultry to darken the crease, Sexy on the lid, Sultry and Sleek on the bottom lash line

Nude Tude eyes open

Nude Tude eyes closed

I mentioned these palettes being great companions earlier on, and that is definitely true. But for this post, I wanted to show you two isolated looks, as not everyone is going to get both.

Final Thoughts

These palettes are fantastic, and you can find them on sale pretty often either from theBalm or another site like Hautelook. But full-price, these are $36 each, which isn’t bad compared to other 12-shade palettes from similar brands.

If you like warm shades, I definitely recommend the Nude Dude. If you want more classic shades that aren’t boring, then the Nude ‘Tude would be great for you. Or be like me and get both, so you can mix and match! I love using that frosty white with the warm tones of the Nude Dude, or mixing some of the other crease shades with the Nude ‘Tude. These palettes cover a lot of ground!

Do you have these classic palettes? Have you tried the Nude Beach? I’d love to know what you think!

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