TMI Review: Baby Foot Molts my Feet

I think this is my grossest review yet.

Somewhere in the depths of the Internet, I heard about this amazing foot mask that basically makes your feet molt over the span of a week. I walk to and from work every day, so my feet were getting gnarly. I was even starting to feel physical pain as my dry, calloused skin rubbed the bottoms of my shoes. It was time for a MAJOR pedicure. I was ready to peel off all my skin and start over…

I purchased my Baby Foot mask for about $15 on Amazon, and it’s on Prime, so I got it in a couple days. As I waited for it to arrive, I read a ton of reviews and saw so many reviewer photos of their feet completely peeling off. It’s not pretty, and honestly, looking at the photos too long made me a little nauseous, so view at your own risk. But, seeing it work so well on everyone really sold me. I decided this foot mask must be some kind of witchcraft.

The box comes with two plastic booties with the goopy product inside, and some tape to help keep them on. I put these on as part of a weird video I did for my beauty channel (if you want to see me try on peel-off beauty products and look super strange, I highly recommend it). But because I was filming, I ignored the advice on Amazon and on the box to pre-soak your feet for about 15-30 minutes. I also did not see the diagram on the box showing you how to use the tape, so I majorly failed in trying to tighten the booties. I did, however, take the advice to put socks over the booties and to mostly stay seated, which helped them stay on anyway.

Note: Take off your nail polish before doing this! Even my clear nail treatment nail polish got worn down and gross. Some reviewers on Amazon said their colored nail polish got all over their feet!

I noticed as I was getting to the end of the hour with these on, my feet started to feel hot. I was excited to feel something working! Once the time was up, I rinsed my feet off in the bathtub and washed them with soap and water. The box says not to try and force peeling the skin, so I didn’t use an exfoliating wash or rub too hard with the towel.

I also did not see that some reviewers recommend soaking your feet after the mask as well. Oops. Basically, this lack of pre- and post-soaking my feet made the process go a lot slower for me. This wasn’t a problem, but if you’re preparing for an event or are generally impatient, definitely follow those tips!

Here’s how my timeline went. It’s going to get graphic, so this is your final warning to click away if you don’t want to see my foot transformation!

My beautiful “before” pictures:

Dry skin on toe, before
Dry skin on heel, before

Did you know it’s really hard taking photos of your own feet?? Hopefully you can still see the couple dry patches on my feet.

Days 1-2: No change. My feet looked and felt mostly the same, with maybe a little more dryness than usual. I questioned if this was ever going to work. Also, I took my footage for the video I mentioned off my camera and realized that I hadn’t plugged in my new mic all the way, so the footage was silent. Neat.

Day 3: Still skeptical. I re-read some reviews on Amazon and kicked myself for not soaking my dang feet. But, I saw some people say they saw better results by soaking their feet throughout the process, or taking a bath instead of a shower. I also saw some reviews saying that day 3 is when they started to see results. I looked down and sure enough, I had a couple spots on my left foot where my skin was starting to peel. Things started looking hopeful.

Day 3 left foot peeling

Later that night, I soaked my feet for 20 minutes.

Day 3 after soaking feet

Welp. Things were moving along very suddenly.

Day 4: My right foot started finally joining in on the fun too with a bit of a dramatic change overnight.

Day 4, right foot

My left foot was still going strong.

Day 4, left foot

Day 5: After a day of walking and another nice soak, things got SUPER GROSS. My left foot was still a bit ahead, so it wasn’t as shocking.

Day 5, left foot

But my RIGHT FOOT THO. It was straight-up shaggy. Just dead skin everywhere. It was truly catching up, with haste.

Day 5, right foot

It’s like a baby-skinned butterfly emerging from its dead skin cocoon.

At this point, a lot of the peeling was moving from the bottoms of my feet around to the sides, and my toes were peeling over and around my toenails. Like little toe hats.

Day 6-8ish: Once I cleaned up my feet after taking the above photo, things started slowing down. I even got confident and wore ballet flats to work. And then realized the tops of my feet were still peeling and I have horrible ideas. Also my boyfriend was starting to get annoyed at me for picking at my feet all the time. Sorry!

It got easier to see the skin that still needed to be peeled, so after a couple more foot soaks, I got most everything off! I still have some callouses, but they’re not as severe as before. I’m thinking with time, those might go away too. Either way, my feet are so much softer than they were before.

I’ve never encountered a product that works this well. This stuff is absolutely amazing! Every time I need to get rid of a lot of dry skin, I’m going to repurchase this. Plus, a frugal Amazon reviewer said you can use the same foot mask on both feet if you don’t mind waiting the extra hour, because there’s enough product in each mask to last. So this is a doubly-good purchase!

Did you make it through these photos without barfing? Thumbs up!

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.46.54 AM

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