Trying Trends: Magnetic Eyelashes

I have to admit, this was a rash purchase. I saw an Instagram ad for magnetic eye lashes a few weeks ago and immediately bought them. In the month it took for them to arrive, I started seeing reviews of similar products, a lot of them mixed. Still, I was looking forward to trying these because if they worked, my eyelash life would be SO much easier. I’m also not supposed to wear eye makeup for a while after I get laser eye surgery in a couple days, so I thought these would be a great way to look a bit more put-together when I go on a trip to a wedding next week.

iLashes packaging and lashes

If you haven’t heard of these kind of lashes, they come in two pieces per eye; one that goes under your natural lashes, and one that goes over them. They’re supposed to clamp together over your natural lashes to make one seamless piece. And because you’re not using lash glue, they could potentially prevent some irritation to your skin and make it easier to take them on and off.

The lashes

I wasn’t expecting these to be half-lashes, but I wasn’t necessarily upset to see that. I figured if these worked well, the smaller size would make these blend in with my lashes better and look more natural.

Well… this was maybe a trend I didn’t need to try. Check out my first impression review:

I spent so much time trying to make these work, but unfortunately they were a fail. They were very cheaply made and difficult to apply. The magnet is hard to align with your natural lashes in between, and the ends wouldn’t lay flat against my eyelid. They kept bending when I handled the lashes as well. This led to the lash bands crossing, sticking out, and otherwise being troublesome. From far away, I could see how these would have potentially looked really nice, but in person and close up, I looked a complete mess.

Close up of me wearing the lashes

I was going to try them over both plain lashes and lashes with mascara, but I didn’t even get to the mascara. I didn’t mention why I skipped out on this in the video, but honestly I was just so frustrated that it didn’t seem worth the mess. I couldn’t get them to align or get close to my lash line, and mascara wouldn’t have made a difference. I know a crap product when I see it.

Seriously, look how bendy these lash bands are just from arranging them for a photo:

Lash pieces laid out

Compare these to the first photos in this post, taken when these were just opened.

To make matters worse, they’re already falling apart. For context, I filmed this video yesterday, and I pulled them out to photograph for this post this morning. On one of the lash pieces, the magnet is clearly beginning to pull away from the lash band.

The left piece is pulling away from its magnet

Yeah. One use and they’re coming apart. I tried to be gentle with these, too. Everything about this product was frustrating. These are cheap and an absolute rip-off. These aren’t worth $5, let alone the $35 I actually paid. I don’t know if it’s just this brand or this trend in general, but I’m giving magnetic lashes a big ol’ FAIL. It’s time to pull out the traditional lashes and glue, it seems. And my eyes will have to stay barren after my laser eye surgery, because I don’t think lash glue is approved until the rest of my eye makeup is.

Normally, I’d link to the product in case you want to buy them, but I won’t let you put yourself through this misery. I know I’m normally much more compassionate with my reviews, but these lashes were such a disappointment.

Have you had better luck with magnetic lashes? Let me know in the comments.

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