Wet ‘n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

I was way too late to try out these Wet ‘n Wild MegaGlo highlight powders, but at least we’re here now! I’m a huge fan of the brand. They have amazing lipsticks and highlighting powders. Plus, they’re cruelty-free. 

A lot of new products have come out from Wet ‘n Wild recently, such as their liquid lipsticks. I have quite a few highlighting powders already so I dragged my heels when they came out with this line. But, I knew I’d snag one eventually, and I had a hard time deciding which I wanted. They have a great range of six shades that seem geared towards all skin tones. I eventually picked up the shade 321B Precious Petals. I justify this purchase because it’s rose gold, and I didn’t have any rose-toned highlighters.

Wet n Wild highlighter packaging

Highlighting powder

FYI – This particular shade isn’t vegan, as it contains carmine. It looks like some of the shades don’t, so take a look at the non-pink ones if that interests you.

The pan is huge at 0.19 oz/5.4 g. Even if this was your only highlight, it would last you more than a couple years. The texture is very firmly pressed and slightly on the dry side. I think it’s comparable to the Hourglass highlighting powders, but even more pressed.

My first impression of this product was that I couldn’t get it to show up. It turns out I’m just used to very soft textures and in-your-face shine. I learned that with a little work, this subtle powder can be made to look a lot brighter and shinier. I’ve grown to like the adaptability because you can get a nice, subtle glow, or build it up to rival a super shiny and soft highlight like you’d find from Becca.

The color is also darker than my other highlighting powders, so it doesn’t give me the bright pop of color that I get with some of my other highlighting products. I think that this particular shade will always look a bit softened on my skin tone, but I can still control the amount of shine I get from it. I’ve also started using it as a blush topper, and it does an amazing job with that. I bet it would look great on my eyes as well.

I did a complete 180 with this product, and I’m so glad I decided to try it out. I want to see which of the other five shades might fit in well with my collection, because at $4.99, you’re getting an awesome deal. I’m curious about the lilac shade they have, although I have no idea where or if I’d wear it. 

Have you tried these powders? What do you think?

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