[4/15/17] Website Maintenance

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What’s happening?

You may have some trouble navigating Broke for Beauty over the few days as I reorganize my categories and navigation bar. Later, I’m making some changes that won’t affect navigation, like continuing to move photos from WordPress storage to an external source.

When is this happening?

Here’s what I’m doing over the next few days:

  • Removing 3 categories, repurposing 7 categories, creating 3 categories
  • Rearranging categories into a more straightforward navigation bar
  • Updating the categories for each blog post

Here’s what I’m doing over the next couple weeks:

  • Moving photos for each post into an external source and updating the photo links
  • Moving social media links from the header to the sidebar
  • Creating a unique signature to sign off my posts
  • Removing the carousel at the top of the page and creating a most-viewed list in the sidebar
  • Potentially removing the featured images from my posts (the other option is to add one to all my posts, but that will lead to a storage issue)
  • Getting a new photo of me, because the photo I’ve been using is from 2013…

Why is this happening?

There are quite a few reasons for all these changes. Mostly, I feel like I’ve been adding to a system I developed ad-hoc over the years, and it’s time to reevaluate the system and make something functional. Virtual spring cleaning is real!

I’ll talk more about my other reasons later on. But for now, please be patient if you run into any issues!

I’m updating this post at each stage to let you know what’s happening and to be transparent about any potential issues you might have on my site.


4/15/17 10:00am – Removing, renaming, and creating categories. Some posts will be undiscoverable via categories, others will be miscategorized.

10:57am – Categories and navigation bar complete. Posts have not yet been organized into the new categories. Some categories are empty, some posts are miscategorized, some posts aren’t in a category.

12:28pm – Posts have been recategorized.

4/16/17 9:20am – Moving social media links and most viewed/featured posts to sidebar.

10:20am – Social media icons (except G+ and YouTube) and top posts added to sidebar. Carousel removed. Fonts changed. Now moving images to external source. You may see broken images during this process.

4:29pm – Most images have been moved to external source.

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