Broke for Beauty Pinterest!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been hard at work creating a Pinterest account for this blog and making it look beautiful! I hope you come check it out and follow me so we can share inspiration 🙂

I’m thinking of starting a Twitter next. What social media outlets do you think are most useful to your blog? I’d love some feedback!

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12 Replies to “Broke for Beauty Pinterest!”

  1. Just followed, I live pinterest! 😀 I can pin all my fav makeup pics to have them all in one place when I am looking for inspiration 😀

    1. Awesome! Following you back. I notice you have a lot of social media pages for your blog. Any tips? I’m wondering if I should just use my personal twitter account or create a new one.

      1. I kind of have my personal and blog together on some and separate on others. Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are all my personal and blog accounts together where as my stumbleupon, tumblr and Facebook are just for my blog. You kind of have to play around with it and see what you want to keep private and what you would be willing to update multiple times if you have both a blog and personal account 🙂

        1. That’s helpful, thanks! I’ll probably just use my personal Twitter for now to see how that works out, and separate them if I need to. Right now I tweet a lot about professional writing and link to posts from my other blog, so hopefully it will all fit nicely (and not annoy my friends)!

          1. Thank you so much! I’ve been struggling with how to use them together, and how to tell everyone about my beauty blog without becoming “just a beauty blogger,” you know? It’s helpful having other blogger friends who can help me out! 🙂

          2. Of course! I completely understand but I think they work well together because they tell multiple sides of who you are and we read people’s blog to find out more about them. People are just naturally curious that way 🙂

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