DEAL ALERT: NARS Dolce Vita Trio


I was perusing the Nordstrom Anniversary sale last night and came across the “Beauty Exclusives.” Uh oh. Of course, all of the brands had amazing sets, but NARS and MAC had the best, in my opinion.

I came across this trio and put it into my cart immediately.

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This is the NARS ‘Dolce Vita’ Lip & Nail Set. Yes, you can now get their top-selling neutral as a nail polish, and apparently it’s limited edition for the fall. Also, it’s perfect. That nail polish. I’ve had the lipstick on my list for a while now, and while I don’t love lip glosses, I’ve been curious about NARS’ recent reformulation. Maybe this lip gloss will convert me into a full-on lipgloss lover. And for the price, why buy the nail polish and lipstick separately when this kit is only a few dollars more? I’m getting my paycheck in like 8 days, anyway. These are the things I tell myself to feel better about my life choices.

But come on… three full-sized NARS products in a sleek box for the price of two products? It sounds like a no-brainer.

You know me, though, I hate shelling out a lot of money at once–and as a grad student, $55 is a lot of money. I put the shopping away and went to bed, but after 24 hours it was still on my mind, so I rushed back to order this set before it’s gone (as well as an item for my room that was also mega-on-sale).

Don’t blame me, blame that gorgeous nail polish. Ugh.

Even though this will be delivered sometime next week, the other item I ordered won’t be shipped until I’ll be moving back to school, so I had to get both of these delivered to Pennsylvania instead of Virginia. I’ll be going back August 17th, so after I hold the box and cry a little, I will hastily write a review. However, because that’s way after this deal is over, I wanted to make this post now before you see my review in three weeks and hate me for not telling you in time.

Me in three weeks when I finally get my hands on this beautiful creation of angels
Me in three weeks when I finally get my hands on this beautiful creation of angels (image courtesy of Tumblr)

So if you don’t get anything else from this post, know that if you need this set in your life, get it ASAP. It is also available in stores, but call ahead to make sure it’s in stock.

This set contains:

– Dolce Vita Lipstick (0.12 oz.)

– Limited-edition Dolce Vita Nail Polish (0.5 oz.)

– Dolce Vita Lip Gloss (0.18 oz.)

These are full-sized, I double-checked because I’ve got your back. All three products cost $72 separately, but you can get this ‘lil set for $55 at Nordstrom until August 4th. Here’s the link again so you don’t have to scroll.

Have you tried any of these Dolce Vita products? Did I just ruin your life by telling you about this deal? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. You know I’d be telling you if I was writing something sponsored or if the products were sent to me, but in case you need a reminder, this is not sponsored or free, thanks for bringing it up.

P.P.S. My sass is unparalleled when I’m tired/hungry/publishing first drafts. Is it really only Wednesday??

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