Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow Palette

I picked up this Essence All About Chocolates eyeshadow palette on a whim a while back. I love how compact it is while still holding decently-sized eyeshadows. Gotta love efficient packaging.

Palette opened

This palette comes in several styles (all about roses, all about nudes, etc.), but I chose chocolates because I wanted a pocket-sized palette that would go with anything. There are six neutral shades: two beige (one with more shimmer), a medium cool brown, a medium warm brown, a grey-taupe, and a dark cool brown. They’re all shimmers, although the packaging claims the shades range “with different effects from matt to shimmer to metallic.”

Yes, that’s how they spelled matte. That maybe should have been a sign that none of the shades are matte.

I like shimmery eyeshadows, so I don’t mind that they’re all of a similar finish. What I found to be inconsistent, though, is the color payoff. Half of these shades are excellent to swatch, and the other half are difficult. On the eyes, it’s hard to get distinct color between the different shades.


You can see the first beige, the warm brown, and the dark brown are all pretty good. In fact, that beige is a gorgeous highlight. The others don’t show up on my eyes at all. I was only able to get swatches after rubbing my finger in the pan for a straight minute.

I think the payoff difference comes from these shadows being on the dry side. That always works fine for some colors but not for others. The driest one is the second beige, which you can see also makes for an invisible swatch on my arm. I even tried digging into the pan a bit to get more product! The other shades all feel soft to the touch but some don’t pick up much product.

It’s no surprise at this point that I’m not into this palette. I might depot it to keep the shades I like, which is a huge bummer because I really do like the packaging. I honestly don’t have anything else from this brand, so I can’t say if this is a trend across all their eyeshadows, or if this palette was just a fluke.

What Essence products have your tried and liked? I’d love to know.

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