First Impression + Review: Juvia’s Place Nubian I and II Palettes

I was SO excited to try these palettes. Juvia’s Place is an indy makeup brand and they’ve had a ton of success from their Nubian palettes. You may have seen some hype surrounding their newest release, the Saharan palette. I only heard about it after I made my purchase, though, so I only have the first and second palettes.

This brand is cruelty-free, and most of their products are vegan (these two palettes are). Their brushes are cruelty-free, so next time I need brushes I might check them out! Their palettes and colors are inspired by the people and culture of different places in Africa.

I came across the Nubian I palette on Pinterest, and then realized I’d seen it on Jaclyn Hill’s channel. I also got the Nubian II palette because it has a little more color. I was drawn to the Nubian I because it’s all neutrals and the palette is compact. I wouldn’t call it travel-sized, but it’s small enough that you could take it on a trip and not need anything else. The Nubian II is much larger.

The Nubian and Nubian 2 palettes, closed

The Nubian and Nubian 2 palettes, open

Squee. Check out my first impressions as I swatch out these palettes:

As promised in the video, here I am a few weeks later with a full review.

Nubian I – Neutrals

The Nubian palette, closed

These shades are so beautiful. I love the top-left shade because it has a pink shift to it. The deep red is gorgeous, and of course, I was drooling over the champagne and copper glittery shades.

The Nubian palette, open

I’ve dug into the glitters quite a bit, and I’ve noticed that I do get some fallout when I have a lot of product on my brush. This is pretty normal, but it’s something to be careful about. I was too excited to get ALL THE GLITTERZ on my eyelids and ended up with some extra highlight on my cheeks… more than once.

They’re really pretty glitters, okay?

Look with pink shift shade
Look with pink shift shade

As for the shimmer shades, I’ve found them more stunning each time I’ve used them. I’ve gotten some compliments on that red, and I particularly enjoy the deep shimmery brown all over the lid, which is normally out of my regular range of shades.

Look with red
Look with red

Look with dark brown
Look with dark brown

The mattes, though, are still not my favorites on the market. I use the matte tan in the crease, and it works fine, but sometimes I have some trouble blending it out just right. The darker mattes are great when you build them up, but I have more trouble blending them out while building enough color. I’m used to being careful with dark mattes, but with these, I pick up a lot of product. I also find that they fade slightly throughout the day, but that’s likely because I use them over approximately 15 layers of glitter.

Nubian II – Neutrals and colors

The Nubian 2 palette, closed

To be perfectly honest, I’ve gotten a little less use out of this palette, mostly because I don’t tend to wear oranges and blues to work. But man, is this palette gorgeous. Maybe I should start wearing these to work…

The Nubian 2 palette, open

This palette is much larger than the Nubian I, and the eyeshadow pans are WAY bigger. While you could conceivably travel with the Nubian I, you wouldn’t be able to travel with the Nubian II without a bigger bag.

Again, the shimmers and glitters are the standouts, and the mattes are slightly less exciting. I was a little bummed to find that the top-right shade is just like the copper from the Nubian I palette. But, I’ve found that the matte brown and red-orange are really gorgeous, and the deep plum is really nice in the outer corners.

Look with orange shades
Look with orange shades

The Bottom Line

These palettes are awesome. I love that you get a great range of shades that are unique. The number of looks you can do with one of these is endless! I’m tempted to order the Saharan palette… Oh, and if you love color, their Masquerade palette is worth taking a peek at (it comes in a regular size and mini – I think the pan sizes are similar to the Nubian I and II).

You can purchase these palettes from the Juvia’s Place website. They range from $25-$30. I also heard they were on Hautelook recently, so if you might be able to catch a deal there when they’re running the brand. I try to tweet these things out when I see them (and I’m generally trying to tweet more often), so follow me @colleenecasey!

Have you heard about these palettes? Have you tried them? What do you think?

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