January Basket Update

Hey everyone,

I just had a crazy week and was surprised to see that the month’s just about over! That means it’s time to let you all know how I liked the products I pulled out from the depths of my makeup collection this month.


I think I bought this hoping it would work for the undereye area, and while it’s really pigmented, it can be a bit uneven over such delicate skin. I think it’s a pretty good quality concealer, though, and there’s a lot of product in the tube for something you need so little of! So I can’t really complain about this concealer… it’s a great deal.


This powder gives a natural finish but isn’t matte, even though it claims to be “oil-absorbing.” I feel like it doesn’t last all day over my makeup, even with touchups. So as much as I LOVE theBalm’s products, I’m just not into this powder.


Hot Mama – this blush is beautiful and glowy. My only issue is that sometimes it seems like the shimmer goes on more than the color, which can be frustrating.

Down Boy – I love this blush, it’s a beautiful color! I know someday soon I’m going to hit pan on it.

Coming up Roses – this is a very nice and even blush to apply. I don’t think the staying power is excellent, but it’s such a lovely staple that I don’t mind touching up if needed.

Orgasm/Laguna – these are really hard to build up, but I can’t give them less than a happy review because these are such beautiful and widely loved products. I’m not sure if I got a dud, or what. I did try and scrape off the top layer with my tweezers, and that seemed to help a bit. Orgasm is the most beautiful color to swatch out.


I really love this eyeshadow, but I have trouble getting it on evenly. The best way is to put on a few thin layers, letting them dry completely in between, but be warned that it might crease more easily that way. This isn’t a problem with my more neutral shades, so maybe this is just an issue with the brighter colors.


The shadows in this palette are such good quality, very smooth to put on. I used this palette a couple times, but honestly I found myself drawn to my more exciting makeup by the end of the month. It’s great to have around when I want a minimal eye look or to complement other eyeshadows.


This palette is alright, but I just wasn’t drawn to it most of the month. Some of the products in this palette are great, while others are complete duds. I wrote a full review on this palette earlier in the month, so if you want to see swatches as well as individual descriptions of the products, check that out.


I was hoping to fall in love with Honey, but I just don’t like that it has a shimmery finish. The other balm stains don’t have any shimmer, so it’s a little disappointing that this one does and it’s not marked as such. Its a really nice pink, though, but after a few hours the color is mostly faded leaving a strange shimmery look to the lips.

Berry Ready is a great bright berry. It would be awesome for someone who wants to try brighter lip colors but isn’t sure how it will look. This color goes on very pigmented, but it can be used lightly or built up to full color, so it’s a really versatile product to have.

Thanks for reading!

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