Karity Liquid Lipsticks: Try-On and Review

It’s been too long since I’ve posted a review! Today, I’ll be sharing a liquid lipstick set from Karity that I’ve been loving since I got it back in May. 

About Karity

Karity is 100% cruelty-free and many of their products are vegan and clearly marked as such on their website. They also donate a meal to an animal in need (via the SPCA) for every palette purchased. They donate to other organizations, too, which they discuss on their website. Once I do a palette cleanout, I’ll definitely be checking out their eyeshadow palettes, because I’d love to help them make some animals happy.

A key feature about the brand is that they keep their price point low, like drugstore-level low. The price for these lipsticks is incredible—only $6 per lipstick or under $30 for a kit with five. They also offer a larger sets of eight lipsticks for $41 or 15 lipsticks for $75. The lipsticks all seem to be vegan, even the red and pink shades, which normally contain carmine (crushed insects).

But does a lower price mean lower quality? That’s what I wanted to find out.

Packaging and Application

The lipsticks come in sleek, clear packaging with a doe foot applicator. I think they look clean and classy. The applicator feels like just the right size to me, too. I hate when brands put in massive applicators that make their product basically unusable!

The applicator doesn’t pull out too much product, so you get a manageable amount. I do find that I have to dip back in for more product, but I suppose your mileage may vary on that. I also notice that you can see some streaks when you swipe the applicator, so I always take a little time to pat over my lips with the applicator to smooth it out.

I don’t usually use lip liners with these lipsticks, but I’d love it if the brand offered them. It’s not necessary because the applicator is small enough to get sharp lines on its own, but I’d like the option for when I don’t feel like being so careful with the applicator. 

Color Selection

The overall color selection from the brand is pretty good. They’ve covered their bases in terms of offering a variety of nudes, reds, pinks, and a couple dark shades. It would be nice to see more berry tones and maybe a couple more corals or oranges. 

The set I have is no longer available, it seems, but it’s a set of their pinks. I have the shades:

  • Tamar: soft coral
  • Snuggly: light cool pink
  • Purty: bright warm pink
  • Fade Out: mauve pink
  • Lucky: berry pink

I like the variety in this set, but Snuggly and Purty don’t look super great on me. I think there’s some overlap within the color family, too. But I love that they offer sets like this so you can try a few colors for a small discount. If only they let you build your own bundle, though! I would be buying up another 5 in no time.

I understand why this brand chooses to be online only, but it can be tough deciding which lipsticks to get when you can’t see them in person. I didn’t find a lot of reviews that could help me see the shades in natural light, on real people, so that makes it even harder. I hope that my video below can help you if you’re in the same boat, but I don’t have every shade in the collection, so I don’t know what the other colors are like.


These lipsticks look smooth and eventually dry down matte. The formula is very thin, so it doesn’t take long for the lipstick to set. When it’s dry, the color is true to what you can see through the packaging.

The most important plus with these lipsticks is that none of the shades I have are patchy, and they all feel decently comfortable (which is high praise for a matte liquid lipstick). Because they go on thin, you don’t feel like you have a bunch of dried product on your lips, and I find that my lips don’t dry out as quickly as they can with thicker lipsticks. This lipstick also hangs on through most meals and drinking, unless I’m eating something very oily. It’s impressive. I’ve had sandwiches, salads, soups, and glasses of water and there’s very little transfer. If I need to reapply at all, I only need to apply a small amount to the centers of my lips. 

The bottom line is that these are some of the most comfortable and long-lasting liquid lipsticks in my collection. When you include the price in the ranking, these quickly become my number one recommendation!


So are you ready to see these lipsticks in action? If you’ve read this far, you might want to skip my review part of the video and hop right to the lipsticks (around 5:45).

That’s it for my Karity lipsticks! Next on my list is to grab a red one, and maybe a couple other shades I’ve been eyeing. And, of course, someday I’ll be picking up a palette.

Have you tried Karity? What do you think?

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