Kevyn Aucoin Electropop Pro Eyeshadow Palette

The Electropop palette from Kevyn Aucoin caught my eye when I was shopping at Sephora last month. The color selection is just gorgeous. I’ve been using it a lot lately, so let’s dive in.

The Details

  • Retails for $57 at Sephora
  • 12 pans at 1.5g/0.05 oz each
  • Cruelty-free but not vegan (carmine is an ingredient)
  • Limited edition, apparently… It was released for holiday 2017 but is still around

There are two product claims I could find for this palette, both on the box the palette came in (the same descriptions are on Sephora’s site with slight variations).

First, about the palette:

Dramat-eyes like a pro to create endless 3D chromatic eye looks and editorial effects – from a light, sheer shimmer to a high, metallic opaque finish. These electro chrome eye shadows combine the perfect balance between pop pearls and pigments to create a striking, multidimensional look with a weightless feel. For best results, apply with finger for maximum color payoff. Dermatologist tested.

Then, they provide a couple tips for using this palette:

PRO Tips: Layer any shade over Blackout for a more intense color look. For a more editorial shine, apply The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss over shadow on the eyelid.

I don’t have the eye gloss, and honestly I don’t think it’s something I’d use, but I could at least try the first tip! More on that later…


Outside of palette
Inside of palette

The packaging for this palette reminds me of the Urban Decay Electric Palette. It’s black plastic with a catch closure and is very simple. Inside, there’s a large and high-quality mirror. I like that the brand name and palette name are beneath the pans inside the palette. It’s a bit basic for a $57 palette, but it does feel sturdy.

The design is effective and minimal, and not at all flashy. I suppose the bright colors of the eyeshadows speak for themselves? When you open the palette, your eyes are drawn to the large and bright pans. I saw this palette from across the main aisle of the store! I love the large size and arrangement of the pans, but they’re closer together than I’m used to. So far I haven’t had any cross-contamination issues, so it doesn’t bother me.

Compared to other palettes at this price point, this palette has a more economical design. I prefer this shape, though, to the long and narrow palettes you often see like the Urban Decay Naked palettes or the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes. It fits better in a makeup bag or drawer.

Color Selection

The variety in this palette is interesting and fun, so long as you’re drawn to color. But, I like how many neutral shades are in here even if you don’t notice them much at first. When I really took a look at this palette, I noticed that half of it was bright and bold, and the other half had a range of more neutral colors.

Palette pans

Let’s take a look at the shades in this palette:

  • Light – White
  • Beam – Pale yellow-gold
  • Ultraviolet – Taupe with a slight silver shift
  • Charge – Bronze-y brown
  • Switch – Lavender-pink with a slight blue shift
  • Laser – Warm pink with some very fine red glitter
  • Heat – Medium wine red with some very fine gold glitter
  • Fuse – Medium taupe with some very fine silver glitter
  • Amp – Aquamarine
  • Impulse – Deep teal
  • Hardwire – Electric blue with some very fine blue glitter
  • Blackout – Black

All of these shades except the black are shimmery, but I think that only 9 of them have that high-impact shine that’s advertised. Two of the shades are a more subtle shimmer, and the black is matte. While some of these shades contain fine glitter, I wouldn’t consider any of these to have a glittery finish.

In my first impression of this palette, my favorite colors were Fuse, Heat, Ultraviolet, and Impulse. I wasn’t very drawn to Hardwire or Switch, just because they’re pretty out-there for me. But after using this palette, my preferences totally changed. My favorites are Laser, Fuse, Amp, and Light. Switch has grown on me, too. I get the most shine from Light and Beam, so I’m tempted to try these on my cheekbones as a highlight. My least favorites are Charge, Blackout, and Hardwire. Charge turned out to be super boring, and Blackout isn’t the easiest and most one-and-done black I’ve ever used. I noticed some creasing with those shades, too.

Application and Wear

When I first swatched these pans, I noticed that they’re very dense yet soft and cream-like. I can pick up a lot of product with my fingertip with no fallout. The product sticks onto my fingers and leaves some shimmer behind when I wipe it off.

Eyeshadow swatches

One the whole, my one-swipe swatches were very impressive. But, a few of the colors need a little work to rough up the top layer when the palette is brand new. Namely, Switch, Laser, and Amp. I also noticed that some colors apply a bit more sheer and don’t quite get to that “one-swipe,” “full color” promise the company provides.

I’ve applied these shadows with my fingers and with brushes, and I tend to prefer applying them with my fingers, like the company recommends. I get more control and much more payoff for my time. I do also see truth in their “weightless feel” claim, but I honestly can’t tell you what eyeshadows don’t feel weightless.

I don’t get any fallout with these eyeshadows, but I do get some creasing from time to time. When I try to build the color up too much, the excess product leads to creasing after a few hours. For me, these shadows work best over other colors as a pop of shimmer and/or color. So I tend to apply most of my eyeshadow and then add one or more of these at the end.

I also tried the company’s tip to apply a color over the black for “a more intense color look.” I tested this with Laser, since it does apply more sheer than the others. I found that the color actually ended up looking less intense over the black, plus I noticed more creasing, faster. Maybe I need to keep trying, but so far that tip hasn’t played out well for me.

Bad tips aside, every time I’ve worn this palette I’ve been impressed with the color payoff and high shine. I feel like these colors and finishes are really special and unique. And even with such a variety of color, I look at this palette and get excited to use it, which isn’t all that common for me. I’m very picky with palettes, but I knew that while the impact of these shadows meant I wouldn’t get daily use of them, I’d have so much fun with this palette in my collection.

So, what do you think? Does this palette excite you, too, or do those bright colors scare you away? I’d love to know what you think.

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