Levi’s Haul Try-On and Review

I was in serious need of some new jeans recently, so I bought a few pairs from Levi’s when they were running a 30% off promotion. That definitely makes these fairly expensive jeans more reasonable!

I wanted to check out the Wedgie fit, which has blown up online over the past couple months. I also wanted to grab a few high-waisted pairs because I had one pair I was wearing to death. I ended up getting a few styles: the Wedgie Fit, 721 High Rise Skinny, Mile High Skinny, and 311 Shaping Skinny.

Before I review the fit of each pair, take a look at the (super short) try-on video I made.

Overall, these fit pretty nicely!

Wedgie Fit in Desert Delta

Inspired by vintage Levi’s jeans, hugs your waist and hips, showcasing your best assets.

Selvedge: Premium selvedge comes from the term “self-edge,” the woven strip on both edges of a toll of fabric. Selvedge is traditionally woven in narrow-width shuttle looms, producing a clean edge.

These jeans are meant to be both baggy and flattering, like a chic mom jean. The “wedgie” name comes from the way this style is supposed to accentuate your butt–it does give you a sort of wedgie, and the pockets are tilted slightly to give a more rounded appearance. I love the super light wash and distressed look of this particular color. I didn’t have any jeans like this, so I was excited to branch out!

After reading some reviews online, I initially bought a size smaller than usual, but they were really difficult to button and uncomfortably tight. I might have been able to tough it out and stretch them out a bit, but I knew it was probably better to just go get my regular size. So, I went to the flagship store, where they were out of stock, and ordered my correct size. These were the most expensive pair in my haul, and so I was nervous about buying both sizes in the first go and return the size that didn’t work. In hindsight, that would have been best.

These jeans are stiff (almost 100% cotton), so they’re not the most comfortable or forgiving jeans. However, I love the way they look on me, and they feel great when I’m walking around. Sitting is when the discomfort is noticeable. For my body type, these are a bit tight around the thighs and loose at the waist. The length is good but maybe a tad longer than intended (I’m just under 5’3″). The cutouts hit me in just the right places except when I sit, when they feel a bit too high up my leg and cut into my knee area a little.

Mile High Skinny in Night

I LOVE black, high-waisted skinny jeans. I bought these to replace the previously-mentioned over-worn pair that had faded in the washing machine and caused these strange lines down the front. These are nice and thin and stretchy, and the waist is truly a high waist. I have long legs and my hips are high up, so most “high-waisted” clothes don’t reach my true waist. These are pretty darn close.

These are a true black. I’m afraid to wash them because I know the color will fade, and I love how dark they are. I know I can get some fabric dye and fix them up, but I don’t want to ruin them! When the time comes, I’ll wash them alone on a delicate cycle and hope the color stays nice.

This pair came with a dye warning:

Dye may transfer onto other garments, upholstery or skin. Wash separately or with dark colors.

As for the fit, these seem to flatter me well. The waist is slightly large, but not as much as with most of my other jeans. These fit me the best in this entire haul.

721 High Rise Skinny in Cliff Hanger

Our signature “lot 700” fits are the ultimate look- amazing jeans, designed to flatter, hold and lift- all day, everyday.

With an authentic look and feel, low stretch denim has just the right amount of give for comfort and will keep its shape over time.

These jeans are not as comfortable as most skinny jeans, considering they’re nearly 100% cotton, but they do hold their shape well throughout the day. I like the faded blue color, and they do flatter me. I do find that without the stretch, though, the waist is too big and it’s harder to hide. And the thighs are on the tighter side, but it’s not bad.

I also think they’re a little long for me. I wish I could get a 29″ inseam, because I think 28″ would be a bit short, but 30″ is too long. Because these are so stiff, it’s uncomfortable to let these bunch up at my ankles, so I suppose I’d rather have purchased an inseam that’s slightly too short. I recommend getting a shorter inseam than usual, or try them on in-person.

I think this style and color is currently on sale, so go take a look at Levi’s website!

311 Shaping Skinny in Indigo Spin

Indigo Spin

Designed to smooth and enhance, our shaping jeans slim your tummy, lift your seat and lengthen your legs.

  • Advanced stretch fabric shapes, lifts and lengthens

  • Excellent recovery so jeans hold their shape

  • Innovative tummy-slimming panel smooths and defines

These jeans are SO comfortable. They feel like I’m not wearing jeans. They’re very thin and stretchy, which makes them feel light to wear.

The downside is of course that they lose their shape a bit by the end of the day. This pair is a little bigger than the others, likely because they’re not at all stiff like typical Levi’s, and I find myself tugging at them a lot when I wear them. But you can see in the video, when I first put them on, they fit well and look great.

These are once again a bit too long, and I wish I’d gotten a 28″ inseam. I might cut these and leave a raw edge at the bottom. I think that would go better with this pair than the others, but I don’t know, and I’m to scared to take the plunge! I’ll do a little online research before I do anything.

The waist is too big (surprise! ha…), and I think it’s the biggest on these than the other pairs in this haul. This pair is a bit looser overall as well (i.e. not tight on my thighs). If I had tried these on in-store, I probably would have tried a size down just to be safe. The stretchiness makes the sizing a bit more flexible.

I’ve been happy with all these jeans so far! In the future, I’ll probably try to buy in-store more, both to save on packaging and to try different sizes on in person. I’m happy to retire some old pairs and have a good versatile set of new pairs in my closet.

Do you like Levi’s jeans? What do you think of these styles? Want to try the Wedgie fit? Let me know in the comments!

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