Comparison: Lip Balms

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Every girl needs a great lip balm. Or, if you’re like me, 5. Some work better as a night treatment, some perfectly prep the lips for lipstick, and others are best for just refreshing the lips throughout the day. I love trying new lip balms, so I thought I’d put a few to the test and let you know which ones you really need in your collection.

For each of these lip balms, I tried it on my bare lips, under lip color, over lip color to refresh my lips later in the day, and overnight. In the morning, I exfoliated my lips with each one to determine its effectiveness.

Willa Lip Balm (Vera Cruz Vanilla)

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Packaging – This balm comes in a clear plastic container with a white lid on a hinge that clicks shut. It feels very sturdy and portable. It was on sale, so it only cost me about $2, and it contains .25oz/7g of product. This flavor has a light and sweet vanilla scent.

Consistency – Thin but buildable, not creamy

Scent/Taste – This has a light vanilla scent but no taste.

Best uses – Overnight moisture, underneath lip color, and adds a good shine for days without lip color. It doesn’t do much over lip color later in the day.

Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Lip Plumping Lip Balm

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I’d heard a lot about this balm on a few blogs and YouTube channels, so I decided to spring for it.

Packaging – This balm comes in a sleek white plastic container with a twist-off lid. It contains .25oz/7.2g of product for $27.

Consistency – Thick, not creamy, needs breaking in (notice the dent I made when I first got it)

Scent/Taste – It has a very light rose scent that smells like the actual flower. The scent lingers a bit and there is no taste.

Best uses – Under lip color, overnight moisture. This balm is OK as a refresher throughout the day, but doesn’t make fading lip color or cracked lips look more vibrant.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

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I grabbed this on the way to check out when I bought the Dior lip balm, as a comparison and possible dupe or cheaper alternative.

Packaging – This balm comes in a cute printed tin and contains .8 oz/22g of product for about $7. It’s a multi-use product, so you can use it on your skin as well.

Consistency – Medium and very creamy, gives instant moisture and A LOT of shine.

Scent/Taste –  It has a strong sweet rose scent that lingers.

Best uses – This is great for freshening up when lips are dry and cracked from lipstick, and works well for a night treatment. This balm does not go well underneath lipstick, as it’s a bit too sticky. After using it overnight, my lips felt slightly sticky, but a quick scrub got everything off, and I was left with super soft lips.

Nivea Lip Butter (Smooth Kiss)

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What would this post be without a Lip Butter? These have been raved about in the beauty community since they came out, and I finally went a grabbed one.

Packaging – The balm comes in a shallow tin and contains .59 oz/16.7 g for about $4.

Consistency – Medium and absolutely not sticky or goopy. It almost feels “dry” in comparison to other lip balms, if that makes sense. It’s the least messy of any lip balm that you’d apply with a finger.

Scent/Taste – No discernible scent or taste (there are other flavors if you’re looking for that!)

Best uses – This works well any time you need some extra moisture short-term. It does well refreshing lip color throughout the day because it has a little bit of shine to it. It’s not the best for overnight, as it doesn’t quite last as long as some other options, but it definitely does an OK job.

Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

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Packaging – I have the sample size from the Sephora birthday gift two years ago. It comes in a tube with a cap that twists off. This little guy contains .08 oz/2.2 g, but the full size contains .15 oz for $22.50. I have one full-size tinted version, and both sizes of this product are super portable.

Consistency – Creamy and buildable.

Scent/Taste – It has a strong, fresh scent and no taste.

Best uses – under lip color, overnight. It doesn’t add a lot of shine over lip color later in the day, but it makes my lips feel a bit more moisturized again.

I hope this was helpful to some of you! What are your favorite lip balms?

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