Spring Cleaning: Makeup Collection Purge and Reorganization

This post is about my adventures in spring cleaning as I purge and reorganize my makeup collection. Also known as: I got rid of 200 makeups.

I’ve spent the past few months swatching nail polishes and lipsticks, pulling aside expired products, and buying drawer organizers. I’m happy to report that my collection is about 200 products lighter and easy to dig through with a better-organized system in my drawers.

Walk through the whole process with me in my video. Keep in mind, I still have the lipstick bin I mentioned, so the lipstick count at the end is continuing to increase as I try those lipsticks on.

The Purge Process

I figured out a good system for combing through my collection.

  1. Pull everything out from a particular category, like blushes or eyeshadow palettes
  2. Set aside the products I’m ready to part with
  3. Mark the non-cruelty-free items that I’m keeping, so I always know what is and isn’t cruelty-free (and I know what I need to find a cruelty-free dupe for)
  4. Figure out how to organize the drawers and drawer organizers
  5. Put it all back

This system worked well for me because I could tackle one or two categories at a time. It started off slowly, but soon I had an entire tote bag full of products to give to friends or throw away.

Tote bag full of makeup
Looking inside of the tote bag full of makeup
Tote bag full of makeup next to my dog, for scale and cuteness.
Dog for scale (and cuteness).

Organizing My Smaller Collection

The organizing part of this process excited me the most. I’m a master packer, so I was thrilled to rethink how I was using my drawers. Also, I loved the excuse to find some great drawer organizers, because I was using some random ugly bins I found in a set when I moved into this apartment.

I ended up moving my drawers around a bit because I wasn’t using my space well before. I didn’t need two entire drawers for foundations, blushes, bronzers, and highlighters, so I combined them into one. I spread my lipsticks across one short and one tall drawer to get more standing space. I also wanted a drawer for new products I want to review next and a drawer for products I need to use up soon. I used the last drawer for makeup bags.

The biggest impact came from the drawer organizers. I had a great earring organizer, nail polish rack, a few lipstick trays, a makeup brush holder, and Beauty Blender holders already. I picked up a couple of sectioned acrylic trays from the Container Store, and I got the rest from Amazon.

I am madly in love with the lip gloss organizer (I’m using two for my liquid lipsticks and lip liners) and all the compact organizers. The sectioned trays are also awesome, but I found some three-sectioned trays online when I was gathering links for this post, so I’ve included that one instead. I like that it’s longer and uses more of the depth of the drawers—my two-sectioned trays are great, but they leave a lot of awkward space behind them.

Final Thoughts


I’ve been living with this new system for about a month, and everything is still perfectly organized. I’ve gotten rid of a couple more lipsticks and put away a few that I want to keep. Soon, my lipstick drawers will reach their full potential. *Proud mama moment*

Let me know your best purging and organizing tips and tricks in the comments. I’d love to hear what works for you!


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