October Favorites

So… I only posted ONE substantial post last month, and that was my September favorites. Needless to say, it was a tough month for me. I did a bad job scheduling my courses this semester, so I pretty much get slammed in the beginning of the week, and by the time I’m out of it, I crash. Every week. Luckily at this point my regular assignments are being replaced by long-term final projects, so I can at least have some control over my days now. I already have two more videos ready to go, and a third I’ll be posting somewhere in the middle (Sephora VIB Haul coming up!!).

Ok. No more excuses.

I’ve got some great favorites this month. Watch them DANCE:

I mentioned in my feedback request post that I was struggling with my videos and blog getting repetitive. None of you said anything about that directly, but you’re also all really nice people who want to support one another. So, I wanted to figure out a way to make the videos entertaining and have the blog posts hold more information for those who want it. Let me know if you like the way this video is, or if you’d like a little more explanation about the products. I figure that since the products are favorites, they wouldn’t need much explanation, but perhaps I should include something about each item. Either way, it was fun to make!

Let’s talk deets.


NYX Pore Filler


I don’t love the name of this product for whatever reason, but I love what it does to my skin. It makes such a smooth base for my foundation, more so than my Too Faced sample, in my humble opinion. It comes out kind of whipped, if that makes any sense, and I just pat a tiny amount of product in the places where I have the most unevenness or know I’ll need to layer extra foundation.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation in 825 Buff Beige


This has been a favorite for a long time (you can see how much it’s been through), and this month it’s been great for my transition back to fuller-coverage foundations. My typically oily-combination skin becomes very dry during the cold weather, and this foundation does draw too much attention to those dry spots, compared to some of my other foundations. This foundation has excellent coverage and can be layered, and it looks fairly natural. I definitely recommend it!

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer in Nude


This concealer was a fairly recent purchase that, as you can tell, is almost gone already. This concealer does wonders for my very dark undereye circles, as long as I use an eye cream–sometimes it goes on a bit patchy if I haven’t properly prepped my skin. I got this shade because there were only one or two available, so next time I might try a shade that’s more salmon-based and less yellow, although this is a pretty good match. You can see in the video that it makes for a dramatic “before and after” shot! You’ll definitely be seeing a repurchase in an upcoming haul…

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Flush

DSCN0757 DSCN0758

This may have been a limited edition shade a couple holiday sets back (I’m thinking 2012, maybe), but I love the formula of these blushes, and this unique fuchsia shade keeps making its way onto my makeup table. You can barely tell I’ve been using and loving this product for so long–it looks brand new! I highly recommend these blushes, or one of Tarte’s holiday blush palettes if you can get your hands on one. They’re a great deal and always include a bronzer as well, so definitely search for those if you’re interested in trying these! I have the holiday set of 4 blushes waiting for me in California, and I’m super excited.

Stila Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

DSCN0759 DSCN0760

This came in the Stila Artist Essentials Set last holiday season, and I reached for it this month because of that third shade in. It’s a beautiful quad and the shadows blend well, so I’ve been getting quite a bit of use out of it. I recommend taking a look at Stila’s eyeshadows if you’re looking for a high-end palette that isn’t a Naked palette.

Ulta Cream Eye Shadow in Shimmering Topaz

DSCN0763 DSCN0764

I pulled this out as I have been trying to purge a bunch of expired and forgotten products, and I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this cream shadow so much! I have three Ulta cream shadows, and I remembered thinking they creased on me and generally weren’t as great as Maybelline’s Color Tattoos, but this shade is absolutely beautiful and lasted all day. It’s a very unique color, and it looks great alone or layered underneath powder eyeshadows. I think the lighter shades in this collection are worth checking out, because they don’t seem to crease as much as the darker shades.

Tarte emphasEYES Waterproof Amazonian Clay Cream Eyeshadow in Slate (sample)

DSCN0765 DSCN0766

Coincidentally, this little guy came with the Tarte blush I just mentioned in a long ago holiday set. This was another product found in the depths of my makeup collection, and I’m not getting rid of this one yet. It’s definitely beginning to dry out, as you can see by the cracking along the outside, but I’m still able to use it, so that means it’s still fine, right?

Covergirl Lashblast Lengthening Mascara


I still love the Clump Crusher most, but the lengthening version is nice and subtle for day-to-day if you’re just looking for length and definition. It’s not a super dramatic look, but it does enough for day-to-day use. It’s also easier to get off than most other mascaras, which I definitely appreciate!

NARS Lipstick in Dolce Vita


This lipstick came in the Dolce Vita Trio I gushed over and *gasp* forgot to make a post about! Let me know if you’re interested in hearing about the lipstick, lip gloss, and nail polish. Anyway, the lipstick is a beautiful sheer pink that just works for pretty much any look you want. It’s become my default this month for when I’m running out the door and need some dependable.

That’s it! Let me know if you want to hear more about any of these products, and I’ll be glad to do a full review or comparison with a similar product.

Until next time (sooner than a month from now),

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.46.54 AM

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7 thoughts on “October Favorites

  • I really like your creme shadow picks… I always have such a hard time with those. The ones you have are gorgeous metallic colors and look awesome for fall! Also, I’d love to hear about your Dolce Vita pack. I adore anything NARS!

    • Thank you! Cream shadows can be tough, so if they’re not too expensive I usually try more than one from a line to get a feel for it. I like the Maybelline Color Tattoos better than the Ulta ones, but they all have different colors so it can be fun to experiment!

      I’ll start working on a review for the Dolce Vita set! It was a great deal and now I can speak to the color and formula for three different products.

  • That Covergirl foundation gave me the best foundation finish I’ve ever experienced IN MY LIFE. It’s gorgeous. Too bad it breaks me out! Such a bummer, but so glad it works for so many others!

    And I totally agree with you about the Amazonian Clay blushes – maybe because they’re packed-in so hard? I’ve had one of mine since 2011 (shameful) and you can barely tell I’ve used it.

    Have you tried any of the new NARS Audacious lipsticks? I just ordered one and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    Good luck finishing up this semester! Can’t wait for your haul 🙂

    • UGH that’s such a drag about the foundation. Good point about the Tarte blushes, too. It seems like they also press the design in fairly deep so it takes a while to use it enough to get past that.

      I haven’t tried any of the new NARS lipsticks, but I was thinking of getting one with the VIB discount this weekend. I just hit up Sephora last night, but there were a few things I wanted to look for online…. because obviously I need two complete shopping trips.

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