Pare Down: May Update

This month was rough for me, and my paring down goals fell behind a bunch of other priorities. But, near the end of the month I was able to get a bunch of stuff done!

After posting my empties and purge videos, I was able to toss that trash and start a new bag for empties and purge makeup. Surprisingly, I already have quite a few items in it even though I just went through and got rid of so many products!

So, here are the highlights:

I reorganized my paper

I mentioned last month that my paper organization had already been torn apart (thanks, taxes). I took everything out again and reorganized.

I improved my clothing organization

Everyone has that pile of clothes that they wore once or twice but it isn’t dirty enough to wash, or clean enough to put back. I finally have a place to put those clothing items so I remember to wear them again (so I can wash them), and to keep them away from my fresh clothes. This has so far prevented a major pile-up at the foot of my bed, which was my previous “method.”

I spent more time out of my apartment to be with friends and family

Relationship building was a huge part of my life this month. I’ve been working on paring down my time to make room for what really matters to me. My family took priority this month, and I was able to make it work with no regrets. And I’ve been forming strong friendships for the first time in a long time. I have mild social anxiety, so this is a big deal for me!

I started doing some short meditation in the mornings

This month, my 30-day challenge was to take a quite moment each morning and reflect on my goals. I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes me happy and what I want my life to be like, so taking a second to remind myself of my passions has helped ground me.

And of course, there were some things this month that didn’t go well:

My focus was everywhere

My workouts and blogging/vlogging suffered from my changing focus on my family and friends. I know it was necessary, but it’s still hard to feel like I was on top of things for only a few days at a time before getting thrown off track for a week or more. Hopefully, things calm down in June so I can get back to the routine I’ve been so proud of building this year.

I didn’t keep working on clutter

I was able to organize things here and there, but I didn’t have any big purge sessions. I also didn’t focus on the organization tasks like I wanted, particularly with the dog items and pantry.

Overall, I felt like everything was a moving target this month, but I’m happy with my ability to balance my responsibilities and make hard decisions about my priorities. Sometimes, it takes a rough emotional period to realize what’s really important. I’m proud of my ability to prioritize, but I’m looking forward to some time with a more stable schedule.

I already have a few goals in mind for next month:

  • Make room in my schedule for regular exercise again. My goal is to get through phase 4 of the strength training program I’ve been doing since January reasonably on schedule.
  • Make room in my schedule to work on my blogging/vlogging/creative projects a little bit every day. My goal is to post 3 blog posts to this blog each week (some including videos). My goal for videos is a lot less lofty—two per channel for the month would make me happy.
  • Organize the dog supplies. Currently, Maya’s treats are within her reach… and she’s a chihuahua. It’s time to figure something out.
  • Repot my plants and make an herb garden. Having plants helps me spruce up my space and motivates me to keep things tidy.
  • Declutter my makeup bags. For real this time.
  • Mend the clothes that have been sitting in a pile.
  • Work on skills outside my work and Internet lives. I’d like to have one chunk of time to paint, and one chunk of time to use my sewing machine.

Again, I’m aiming for around 80% of this list. Some of these tasks, like organizing my dog’s things, will only take 30 minutes or so.

How are your 2017 goals going? Let me know in the comments!

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