Pare Down: September Update

If you haven’t been following along, my goal for 2017 is to pare down my space, time, and mind. This means that I’m letting go of what’s cluttering my life to make room for what makes me happy. I make a post at the end of each month to reflect on how I’ve stepped toward and away from that goal. If you’d like to read more about this goal and read past monthly posts, start here.

We left off last month with things not going so well. I am proud of how I picked myself up, even if I’m still not back to the productivity I had during June and July. There were definitely a couple highlights.

My commitment to 10 ideas per day led to some fun creativity

This ended up being a cool activity that was ridiculously easy to keep up with. I only lost the habit when I got into a crazy week this past week (getting LASIK and almost immediately going on a trip across the country may have been a bit too fast). I enjoyed thinking about different things I could write about or make, and coming up with ways I can branch out and discuss topics I know about online. I highly recommend trying this out if you find yourself in a creative rut.

The apartment is getting organized

The new furniture is all set up, and we’re working on sorting everything so that it all has a good place to live.

As usual, I want to include some things that didn’t go so well.

I’m still getting back on top of blog posts and videos

I don’t know why, but I was feeling unmotivated and disinterested in my Internet life this month. I’ve been feeling a bit down about the beauty community and aimless in what I might want to do with my free time. I’ve come up with a new system for writing posts that I think I’ll like, so we’ll see how that goes.

I haven’t been able to exercise regularly

Between a few doctor appointments and having to wear glasses before my LASIK surgery, I wasn’t able to commit to exercise like I want to. Now that I’ve gotten through the surgery, I should be cleared to lift weights again soon and finally finish the strength training program I’ve been following.

So, this is a shorter update than usual. I’m looking forward to things calming down a bit in October so I can slow down and get back to basics.

In October, I want to:

  • Try out a new process for drafting and planning posts and videos
  • Jump back into strength training and try out some new workouts
  • Stretch daily
  • Find some quiet time for writing
  • Make time to read more
  • Plan some projects for my non-beauty YouTube channel

Thanks for stopping by!

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