Pare Down: August Update

Wow, it’s September! Apologies for the late post here. If you haven’t been following along, my goal for 2017 is to pare down my space, time, and mind. This means that I’m letting go of what’s cluttering my life to make room for what makes me happy. I make a post at the end of each month to reflect on how I’ve stepped toward and away from that goal. If you’d like to read more about this goal and read past monthly posts, start here.

I had a strange month with a pretty lengthy depression spell. The middle of the month is sort of a black hole. I lost track of everything and had a hard time convincing myself to care about most things. I was also stressed from some work deadlines, so I took it as an opportunity to take a breather and collect myself.

Despite the setback, I do have a couple highlights for the month.

I carved out time to practice sewing

I’m still not great at it, but I’ve gotten noticeably better. I made a couple more zipper pouches and padded iPad cases for my boyfriend and me. The hot weather at the end of the month put my sewing on pause, but I’m excited to keep working at it.

We got more furniture to better organize our stuff

Our apartment isn’t big, but our clutter was wasting a lot of space. We hit IKEA and got some great stuff to hold the items we haven’t had a place for. There are a couple things left on our wish list, but we’re both so excited with how everything is turning out. It turns out you can do a lot with a small space!

Oh, and the dog’s treats finally have a home that isn’t near the floor. Maya is adjusting to her goodies staying out of sight.

I filmed some videos and found inspiration

I managed to get in front of the camera again and trudge along with my videos and blog, even while I was struggling to get out of bed. I’m proud of myself for finding moments of clarity when I could get things done. In picking myself back up at the end of the month, I did a lot of thinking about what kinds of videos I want to make, and what I want to put on my non-beauty channel. I was able to list out a bunch of ideas for both long-term projects and short videos.

I researched some things i’ve been wanting to look into

I tried to balance mindless TV-watching during my depression with researching things I’ve been curious about. For example, I’ve been considering getting my eyebrows micro-bladed (haven’t made a decision yet), and getting LASIK (I had a consultation and booked my surgery). It was a way to hold onto caring for myself in a time when I didn’t want to care about anything, and it helped.

As you might expect, there were some struggles this month…

I was writing a lot, and then it fell off a cliff

I had a goal to write every day towards a project outside work and blogging. It was going really well until my work deadlines and subsequent depression spell hit. But for the third of the month that I was writing, it was awesome!

I’m not on top of my projects

I hate being behind, and once again, I’m behind on video and blog post planning. I’m also in limbo with some other side projects. Yes, I want to do too many things; it’s part of the problem. Nonetheless, I didn’t get back on track after my work deadlines like I’d hoped.


I need to get back to basics

I’m keep adding more to my life, which is great, but I’m losing my grip on the basics: strength training 3x/week, using my budget spreadsheet, and using my planner to track my goals. I need to make sure I get my quiet time each week to recharge and plan out my me-time.

This month was full of lessons, and I’m happy to be moving forward. I’ve got a few goals for September:

  • Write down 10 ideas every day, about anything. I want to attract more inspiration and stay motivated.
  • Revamp my makeup catalogue project and editorial process. Mostly, I want to stay ahead of my posts and videos. And I want to keep the momentum going on my non-beauty channel.
  • Keep lifting heavy things. I’m a couple months behind on my strength training program, but I’m so close to being done!
  • Finish organizing our stuff.
  • Keep reading and writing for fun.

Keep working on your goals, and if you’re in the US, enjoy your long weekend!

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