Sephora 2018 Birthday Gift: BITE Beauty

My birthday’s tomorrow, so now is a great time to talk about Sephora’s 2018 birthday gift!

BITE Beauty birthday set

I love BITE Beauty, and I was so happy to find out that they’re cruelty-free (the other birthday gift option is Glam Glow, which unfortunately isn’t cruelty-free). I have a few lipsticks that started with minis just like these—one from when I was VIB rouge and a duo from one of their holiday collections. I’ve since expanded to a couple full-size lipsticks because they had a VIB Rouge exclusive and a couple limited-edition shades that caught my eye.

This little set comes with two different lipstick formulas and a couple lip care samples. Let’s take a look!

Swatches of the lipsticks

Lipsticks: Amuse Bouche in Chai on the left, Matte Créme Crayon in Glacé in on the right.

Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Chai

This is the classic lipstick formula from BITE Beauty. This little guy is 0.05 oz (1.55 g), and it’s a beautiful reddish neutral shade. It’s perfect as an everyday lipstick you can throw into your bag for work or school, and I’ve found that this formula is very hydrating and lightweight.

I’ve always been impressed with the wear time on these lipsticks, because they are a typical cream lipstick. They tend to last a few hours through most eating and drinking, unless my lips get too dry. I usually only have to reapply this lipstick once throughout a typical day. 

This lipstick isn’t vegan, however. It contains silk powder, which is made from silkworm secretions. It also was labeled “may contain carmine,” and since this shade is reddish, I’m going to assume it has it. If you don’t care about these ingredients, then I give this lipstick two thumbs up!

Matte Créme Lip Crayon in Glacé

Somehow, I hadn’t tried this formula until now. I love crayon-type lipsticks, particularly matte ones, so I was so excited to have this sample. This one has less product than the Amuse Bouche, coming in at 0.031 oz (0.89 g).

I’d say this shade is more of a mauve tone. The packaging is on the purple side, but the lipstick itself is much closer to a natural lip color.

The formula is similar to the Amuse Bouche lipsticks, but with a slightly different finish. I’ve found that this goes on a bit more demi-matte than matte, but that doesn’t matter so much to me. If you’re looking for a strictly matte lipstick, this one isn’t for you.

The shape of this lipstick is very convenient. It’s pointed, so you can easily outline your lips and get a clean edge. I like to use the side to fill my lips in so I get more even coverage (and it’s faster!), It’s full coverage with one swipe, which makes this simple and quick to apply in the morning.

The only thing I didn’t like about this lipstick is the smell. I can’t quite place it. It’s almost like a certain flavor of candy or ice cream that I can’t put my finger on. Anyway, it’s a bit of a strong scent but it does fade over time.

This lipstick also isn’t vegan. It contains beeswax, and once again it says that it “may contain carmine.” Because this color is also a bit pink/red, it’s probably safe to assume it’s an ingredient.

Agave lip balm and sugar lip scrub

I’ve been curious about the lip scrub, and the lip balm is a nice complement. Each product is 0.018 oz (0.50 g). These samples are the typical packaging you’d see and aren’t resealable, which is a bummer. But the envelope they come in are cute!

However, I wouldn’t purchase the lip balm because it contains lanolin and beeswax, and I have vegan lip balms I’d rather spend my money on instead. The scrub seems vegan at first glance of the ingredients list, so repurchasing it really comes down to price versus effectiveness. I have quite a few lip scrubs, so I can’t say that this one stands out enough right now.

The bottom line

This kit is awesome. I love that they included two different formulas for their lipsticks in shades that aren’t already being pushed out as samples. The lip balm and scrub were a nice addition as well, although the packaging makes them feel a bit like an afterthought.

When’s your birthday? I’d love to know when you’ll be snagging this up!

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