SheIn Haul: Is it a SCAM??

I should disclose that I purchased these items a couple months ago, filmed the footage, and only now got the motivation to edit this video. Text galore!

I’ve heard a lot about online retailers (usually in China) that offer crazy cheap prices but use fake photos to sell products, don’t send finished garments, and offer sizes that are more suited to a pre-teen than an adult. Now, I’m petite (about 5’3″), so I figured I might have a chance of fitting into something.

I did a little searching and discovered SheIn. All these sites basically offer the same clothes and accessories, but SheIn has a nice website, lots of legitimate reviews and customer photos, and not too much broken English. It seemed like the safest way to test out one of these sites!

In the video, I try on everything I got and talk about my experience:

Getting clothing from a site like this is kind of a mixed bag. Some items are awesome, and others either didn’t fit, had a weird smell, or fell apart. It’s too bad that the sizing and quality are so inconsistent. I think this is where the issue of scams comes in. If you place an order and happen to get a bunch of items that have weird proportions (unlike in the photos on their site) or fall apart, you might think this is a scam.

I do think it’s cool, though, to use sites like these as a way to try styles and trends that you’re not sure you’ll like. The risk is low, considering the price is so low. But it’s important to keep in mind that returns are difficult and might not be worth it, so if you use one of these sites, expect that you’ll never see that money again.

I didn’t mention this in the video, but after you send a product back to them to return, you have to wait a few weeks for it to be processed, and for your return to be approved. So you could go through the process of requesting a return, shipping the items back on your own dime, and never getting any money back.

I also take issue with the “full price comparisons” and “deals” they offer. It’s dishonest and unfair. But as long as you’re aware of these tricks going in, you’re better off than a lot of people who use these sites.

If you ever use this site, or something similar, be safe about it!

  • Look for reviews and photos from real customers.
  • Check the return policy and sizing charts.
  • Be aware of fake deals and pricing tricks.
  • Always use a trusted site like PayPal for payment.

In my experience with SheIn, I deem it safe, but be wary of “one size” items and cheaply-made garments. The more expensive things I got (the jackets and coats) were the best items I got other than that T-shirt dress.

Have you used one of these overseas online retailers? What do you think?

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