Trying Gel Nail Polish

I fell into another Internet rabbit hole. This time it was nail videos, leading me to want to try using gel nail polish at home.

I tend to paint my nails about every other week, but sometimes it takes longer to make myself want to (literally) watch paint dry. I also tend to chip my nails after only a couple days, so it doesn’t always seem worth the time it takes to paint them. But, I do like when my nails are grown out a bit, and it’s much too dangerous to navigate the world with long bare nails.

So, gel nails intrigued me. You can get much more wear time when you apply it correctly, and it’s much less likely to chip. And if you take good care of your nails and remove the gel polish properly, you won’t damage your nails. That was of course my biggest fear.

I got a great deal on my LED lamp by using a coupon code from Suzie of Nail Career Education (SUZIESNAILS).

Join me as I give myself a very mediocre manicure and learn some important gel nail polish lessons along the way. Then, I try the removal process for the first time.

Oh, and for the record, my second go at this was much more successful. I got a glittery, temperature-responsive color that turns pink when it’s hot and blue when it’s cold. In room temperature, my nails are long enough to show the whole range, with pink over my nail bed and blue over the tips. I’m a week into this manicure, and it looks just as great as it did when I applied it (although, my nails have grown out a little so there’s a small gap).

After this first attempt, it seems that gel nail polish is totally worth it for me. I get to paint my nails less often, I don’t have to wait for them to dry, and they look great the whole time? Amazing.

I’m going to ride out this current manicure a little longer and go for red next weekend, just in time for Christmas! Eventually I’d like to try the “sandwich” method, where you put a regular nail polish between a gel base and top coat.

Have you tried gel nail polish before? What do you think?

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