Winter Causebox Unboxing

Back in December, I received my winter 2018 Causebox right before I was set to leave town for the holidays. I was sick, but I decided to film something anyway and give myself a little editing work to do on my trip.

As you can probably guess by today’s date, I didn’t edit on my trip. But I did get to come back to some hilarious DayQuil-induced footage. And an appearance from my pup Maya!

Now that I’ve had these items for a while, I thought I’d give a little update for you here.

The Poncho

I said in the video that I likely wouldn’t wear the poncho outside because “I’m scared,” but it’s really cute! It’s not super practical as it’s so open, but it’s cute layered over a thin sweater.

Currently, the poncho lives at my desk at work, where the air conditioning is always too high. I used to put on a hoodie with the hood up and cinch the strings super tight, so I’d say my workday look has been upgraded. My coworkers have asked about my cozy blanket shawl since I’ve been back.

The “Face Tea”

I’m too scared to use it! It’s currently acting as an aesthetic jar of grass next to my tripod and mic.

The Planner

I’m using the planner and… So far so good!

I had to cut a lot of the planner talk out of the video (I really like planning), but what was so cool about having this in my box is that I was thinking about not purchasing a planner for 2019 so I could start to design my own and test out different layouts. The project was intended for my use only, but down the line I could create a planner that others might want, too.

But because this one fell into my lap and it’s so simple, I figured I could give it a try. As I suspected in the video, I do have a little trouble fitting every part of my life into it, so I’m using it more as a “daily top three” to help me focus on what’s most important for me to do each day. I also jot down my work meetings at the bottom so I know when I need to be in and when I might be able to leave. I use the blank Notes square to keep track of my habits. More about that in my 2018 Recap and 2019 Goals post.

I have a big binder for my high-level goals and more detailed habit tracking, and I have an app where I keep track of all my next steps for all my projects, blogs, writing, future projects, etc. Did I mention that I really like planning?

The Headphones

I really like these little headphones! They’re great to throw in my bag for work or take down to the gym when I don’t want to use my big noise-canceling headphones or risk losing my new AirPods. The marble pattern is super cute.

Side note: As my boyfriend was watching my in-progress video during my edits, he noted that the mouse pad that I was literally using to edit is white marble patterned. As is the notebook right next to my desk. WELP!

The Necklace

I’ve worn it once, and it’s very cute! It’s not too heavy despite its size, and the long chain helps balance everything out. I like how it looks over a sweater better than a T-shirt alone, but of course, it’s always up to personal preference.

The Jade Roller

So far, it’s still primarily used as a dog massager. I’ve also used it to massage sore spots after I work out. I can’t comment on the lymph drainage that I wanted so badly when I filmed this.

To Sum Up…

I’m always so impressed by my Causeboxes because they provide such a random assortment of items, and the value is very good. The poncho is so thick and soft, that I can’t imagine it would sell in a store for less than $70. I’ve been so happy with my boxes so far. It’s hard to imagine that I’m only subscribed because of the video I was doing about ads.

I’d love to know what you think of this Causebox, and of my video!


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